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    Can't Login

    I paused the ghostery plugin and was able to login. Not sure if it's was the reason but happy to login.
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    Can't Login

    Yesterday I was able to access the site, but now I can only access the forum/community but not the main site. When I try to login it just sends me to the main page i.e Please help.
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    Going through a depression...

    Depression is not a genetic condition. Don't listen to those who say that being patient means to just zip your mouth and act like you are being patient. Patient means that you acknowledge that you have a problem and do something about it or just get over it. Patience means to strive. It doesn't...
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    That's a good response. Better to avoid sunni/shia trouble.
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    Interview A Muslim Jinn

    This is not the complete book. Anyone has the link for the complete pdf?
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    My Theory About Trials & Patience

    I found this article to be helpful with the topic.
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    My Theory About Trials & Patience

    Assalamwalekum, So I was thinking about trials & patience because I am myself going through one. I was thinking that people cry and ask for help. It never happens anywhere in the world when an examiner helps the examinee during the examination. Even when we try to search in Islam it says that...
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    Please make Dua for me

    Assalamwalekum, How are you all. I hope you all are doing fine. I just wanted to request my brothers and sisters to please make dua for me as I am in dire need of a job. Alhamdulillah I have every blessing of Allah for which I cannot thank the creator enough. But I really need a job right now ...
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    my husband is depressed

    What happens is that in these shows the show takes the viewer through a roller coaster of emotions which go deep inside the brain. People change by their emotions and feelings. That's how they try to change people. Through hypnotic music,words,scenarios. In the past people used to say to stay...
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    my husband is depressed

    Walekumassalam, Your husband needs to get out more,mix with people,socialize more with family and friends. Tell him to make salah regularly. Insha allah he will be fine. If still you don't see any change then pls contact an expert. And Allah knows the best.
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    Tell me good reason why I shouldn’t kill myself?

    Walekumassalam Sister, I know what you are suffering from. You somehow reminded me of myself a few years ago. Bad memories. I didn't wanna go there. Anyways, You haven't told how old you are so I am guessing you must be around 19-22 maybe. This is the age when we want our dreams to be...
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    Resemblance between Prophets and us

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    TurnToIslam TurnToIslam March Updates

    The forum is faster and neater than before.
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    Marriage Advice Needed

    @ATA95 Just to be clear I didn't meant to be harsh on you but truth needs to be told.
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    has Allah stopped loving me?

    Happiness is also a test, so are hard times. Just keep walking.