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  • Assalamualaikum dear sister! How are you? Hope you're feeling better. I'm very glad to be able to talk to you from such a distance. Internet is such an amazing thing: faceless people, but real people nonetheless, interacting with each other without any boundary. Internet is also a mercy of Allah, right? :) So how's the weather like where you are? I wish summer comes soon, but alas, its still so cold. Take care okay.
    Assalamu allaicum dear sister Aischa.

    How are you my dear sister??? I pray to Allah you are very welll,and in the highest state of eman. ameen. I feel very glade to see you posting here, because I was always thinking about you and worry for you.

    Alhamdulilalh, I am very gratefull to Allah because I have oporunity to ask about you,and make sure you are well with the Mercy of Allah.

    take care

    May Allah bless you always

    wa allaicum saalam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu
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