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  • May Allah swt make it easy for us to reap the rewards in this blessed month. Ameen

    May Allah swt accept our duas and our sincere repentance. Ameen

    May Allah swt grant us the intercession of Ramadan on the Last day. Ameen

    Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family, dear akhi. :)
    :) I am glad that the card was to your liking akhi..and may Allah (swt) Grant you well-being and success in your affairs of the dunya and the akhirah..Ameen!


    Ramadhan Kareem & Mobarak!!!

    May Allah (swt) hasten your pardon..strengthen your iman..perfect your practice..lengthen your hours of worship..and count you amongst those He (swt) purifies in His Month of Fasting..Ameen!
    Ramadhan Mubarak.

    Assalamu Alaikum!!! *wats down bro* LOL acting lyk I am in the HOOD!!!LOL
    loong tym no *salaam* just thot I shud drop by and wish u a happy ramadhan!!
    inshallah ameen and i have noticed on this forum that you are always a jolly type of person and you always make out jokes mashallah thats good ...
    life teaches many things ali brother many more ,but life is a test and inshallah may allah suceed us all ameen :)
    Salaamalaikum brother :)

    I am well too Alhumdulillah. That's great that I could cheer you up. :D

    Keep on smiling. Take care.

    Allah Hafiz
    My Allah,To You belong all Praises,You are the Light of Heaven and Earth.Praise be to You,You are mentening the Heaven and earth,to You belong all Praises.You are The Lord of Heaven and Earth,and everything which is on them.You are the Truth.Your Promisse is Truth.Your Speach is Truth.The Meeting with You is Truth.Janah is Truth.Jahannam is Truth.Day of Judgment is Truth.My Allah,I am belonging to You.In You,I belive.On You I am rely on.To You,I repent.In Your name and by Your Low I Judge.Forgive me my past and my future.Forgive me what I do in public and waht I do in secret.You are my God,and there is not God but You,La illahe IllAllah.

    Prophet Mohammed s.a.w.s. dua (May Allahs peace and blessing be upon him):tti_sister:
    o0h akhi! jazakaAllah khairan for posting the lecture:D
    well, I havent listen to it YET........lo0ol, BUT I will inshaAllah, I am a bit busy:D
    but I wanted to THANK you for it!
    may Allah make it easy for u to learn it and may He make it easy for all of us.ameeen
    I will keep u in my duas always akhi, inshaAllah!:D
    tc now
    <3 you filAllah:D
    Allah hafiz now and alwaaaaaaaaaysssss:D
    aaawww bro:D
    tabarakaAllah!!! I kno it's soo beautiful!! tho I never finished reading the WHOLE Quran!! the ones I have read...subhanaAllah the words of Allah are truely touchiiiiiiinnnng:D
    I kno wallahi Imgaine those Arabic speakers!!! I envy them wallahi:D but inshaAllah ONE daaaaaaaaay I am hoping to learn Arabiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccc:D
    subhanaAlllah akhi believe me, reading ur words I def sense ur Happiiinnneeesssss:D may Allah keeeep u happy ALL the tym.ameeeen Ya Ilahi!:D
    btw, I think our Imam(in my Masjid) lyks surah Qiyamah too coz he recited it on Jumma prayer....and again at Asr tym;)
    yea akhi...lyk I said b4 ur posts/vm's make me laugh wallahi:D subhanaAllah........but I guess they neva turned a nitemare into a dream(neva had nitemares ever since I started reading the duas b4 sleeeping) AlhamduliAllah:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    heeey...tc now:D
    Allah hafiz npw and alwaaaaaaaaaaaysss bro:D

    ~~~PAR 2~~~
    keeep enjoying the words of Ar-rahmaaaaaaaaaaan:D
    inshaAllah, I'll take care do the same aight:D
    lo0o0o0l dude...wallahi u funni, smile turnin a nitemare into dreaaaaaaaaaaam:D aaahhh nice, gives me ONE more reason to keeep smilling:D
    I hope u doing the same akhi filAllah:D
    Allah hafiz now and alwaaaaaaaaayssssssssssssssss:D

    ~~OK NOW iam done talkinggggggggg~~~
    lo0o0ol akhi u are one funnniiiiiiiiiii brother:D
    lo0o0o0ol wallahi u made me laughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!:D
    aaww....saaaaaaaaaad! but I guess u had lots of fun reading the translation of the Quran! I must say...the first tym I read the Quran and it's translation it was from the NET especially from youtube! and I soo love it..tho I was a Muslim but I neva really was the the meanin of the Quran u kno:( but wen I read it I was soo amazed! it was lyk finally I was talking to Allah! u kno:D n my fav surah became surah Maryama N Al-qiyama, then Al-haq! subhanaAllah they mooooooved me wallahi! I kno now....no need for computers wen u have the booooksssssss:D we actually have islamic stores here and I went and bought the Quran in English!:D I looove it so very much:D
    I am soo very happiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii that u found one tooooooooooooo:D
    I kno of ur feeling towards finding it!:D
    wallahi believe me:D iam jst overwhelmed with jooooooooooy:D AlhamduliAllah
    ahaaaaaaaaaa!!!! true:D I guess ur brain is floooding with loadssssssss of stories and new info now:D:D:D:D
    well, to be honest I wud rather be on the computer than read..lo0ol
    but I guess u like BOOKS and reading!!!:D waaaaaaaay 2 goooo akhi:D
    tc as well:D
    Allah hafiz now and alwaaaaaaaaaayyyssss:D
    *keep smilling*
    AlhamduliAllah:D gud to kno.....wo0ow u kidding, NO computer!!!! daang! that must be soo BORIIING!:(
    lo0o0ol, the inconvenience....?lo0ol
    well, I am doing great AlhamduliAllah:D:D:D:D:D
    well, I am glad u r doing well, AlhamduliAllah:D:D
    Allah hafiz now and alwaaaayyysss:D:D:D:D
    tc now!
    Assalamu Alaikum dear akhi filAllah

    loong tym no seeee....I hope u doing well inshaAllah:D
    I dropped by to see hw u r doing N ofcourse to say *salaams*
    well, I havent seen u around lately so, watsss up??:D
    Allah hafiz now and alwaaaayysssss:D
    *keep in touch inshaAllah*
    Peace out!!!:D
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