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  • Asslamualaikum respected brother,
    long time i saw u online:(
    there was a TIME that i would always see u online now busy i think?
    Asalamu alaikum wr wb my dear brother!

    I'm good alhamdulilah:) how are you brother?
    *** Eid Mubarak to you ***

    Insha’Allah may it be a great Eid filled with health, happiness and prosperity for you and your family and for all the Muslims (Ameen)

    Wasalamu alaykum wa rehmatullah wa barakatuhu
    Waalaykumsalam Akhi fillah....
    Im still here :)
    Ill be graduating in around 7 months time...inshAllah
    As salamu alaikum ya akhee
    how are you doing? hope everything going great by the grace of Allah Subhanahu wa Taala. When are you gona graduate? Insha Allah keep me in your duwas.
    Salaam Alaiykum alkathiri how are you :) i was thinking about you that why dont you write anything to me :( well i guess you are busy in your university anyways best of luck :) for your studies.
    Salaam Alaiykum my brother,

    Long time since I said my salaams, forgive me ya akhi. :D Love you my good brother.

    Barakallah feek
    Asslam'u Alykum akhi,
    Thanks for the friend invite. Gladly accepted. *Shakes hands*

    Hoping to hear from you - and learn from you,
    May the angels protect u...
    May the sadness forget u,...
    may goodness surround u and may Allah always bless u.,,,,,,
    Eid Mubarak!!!!
    a salam alykum wa rahmatu Allah taala wa barakatuhu brother

    Ramadhan Mubarak to you and the family. May this month bring good health, Ima'an, serenity and Happiness to you and family.

    May Allah swt forgive our sins.

    was salam alykum wa rahmatu Allah taala wa barakatuhu
    Assalamu alaikum dear Brother. I am fine alhamdulillah, and the little ones too. By the way, my wife and I are expecting another little one soon. Remember me in your duaa.
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