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  • As-salaamu'alaykum!

    Alhumdulillah sis i am well too! :D
    Ukhtii means "my sis" in arabic! :) which you are .... ;)

    Hope ur havn a samshin day
    take care
    As-salaamu'alaykum! :D

    How are you?
    Hope u dont mind me dropping by ukhtii :)

    Take care
    Wassalaam :D
    Back....but this is the last tym:D I hope u feel better sweettyyyy:D
    Assalamu alaikum my sweet sis Amina!!!
    jst thot I wud drop by and say *how u doing*......I see u r going thru some tough tym and inshaAllah, my duas are with u alwayss sweetyyy!!
    this is only a test from Allah, He is testing ur faith in Him!! it'll go away soon!!! inshaAllah, be patient!!!
    and u kno.....the law here in the USA is set.....ur MOM cannot force u!!! u always have the cops and the court to help u out in situations like this..... keep us posted dear sister ok, and Allah is with u alwaysss!!!!
    may Allah bless u and give u a way out of this!ameen
    your sister Ubah
    LOVING U for Allah's sake!:D
    wishing u the best in stake:D
    Take gud care:D
    sister, I see all the problems you're going through, and I wish I could help. Do you have any other family other than your mother?
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