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    assalamualaykum ukhtifillah ramadhan mubarak :D

    assalamualaykum ukhtifillah ramadhan mubarak :D
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    I miss u i hope u still remember me

    I miss u i hope u still remember me
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    I love this nasheed! ~SubhanAllah~

    jazakillah for sharing ukhtifillah, so touching and beautiful,
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    New drawings but not completed yet

    subhanaAllah talent u are bro, keep it up its beautiful :)
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    10 Ways to Prepare for Ramadan

    wow subhanaAllah thanks for sharing insyaAllah I will do it in daily life :D
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    Words Of Wisdom

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    Words Of Wisdom

    Imam Hasan al-Bashri said "if i giving advise to you, it doesn't mean i am better than you are neither the most pious among you are. Only, if no one of Muslim will not giving advise to other Muslim except after their be a pure man, undoubtedly no one people will do amar ma'ruf nahi munkar"
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    jazakallah khair brother, ^_^
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    Assalam alaikom

    wa'alaykumslam warahmtullah welcome bro on TTI ^_^
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    Am I hurried , am I sinner

    :ma: u falling in love so much,,, but my suggeston is please keep away ur mind of him, bz as ur massage ,, he didnt care anything of u, mybe he didnt have any love of u... so better for u to looking for other man. Keep strive inshaAllah u will get. send massage to man at night is allow...
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    salam 'alikum

    ^_^ brother
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    salam 'alikum

    wa'alaykumslam warahmatullah welcome my brother in TTI MaY Allah bless u
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    What an answer lolz!!

    funny lol hahahha
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    What makes you cry, O Umar

    tnks for the sharing beautiful hadeeth
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    My job hunt is FINALLY DONE!!

    Brother i will dua for u, may Allah make esy ur way to looking for a job. ameen :tti_sister: