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    Short Survey: Best title for some Islamic-shows.

    :salam2: I took the survey but I think there should be better titles. :salam2:
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    Have two questions !

    :salam2: 1) yeah 2) :salam2:
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    :salam2: Opps I thought the sister meant men and women were praying beside each other, not men at the front and women at the back. :salam2:
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    Hell Fire Poem ..

    :salam2: This poem is very bad...the person said he couldn't make Allaah understand?! And Allaah calls the guy child and takes a step back and he saw him?! This is a Christian poem. The poem is called, "Jesus can save you from Hell." All the guy did was replace 'God' or 'Jesus' with...
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    Kill me Syria!

    i have trouble understanding things sorry
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    Libyan Protests: Deadly 'day of rage' in Libya

    :salam2: This is terrible what is going on with our Ummah. Now even children are targeted. Insha' Allaah Libya is in my du'aa's...may Allaah remove that tryant Ghadafi. Ameen. :salam2:
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    Kill me Syria!

    :salam2: What's going on in Syria? :salam2:
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    Must watch..

    :salam2: Jazaaki Allaahu khayran for sharing ukhti. Alhamdulillaah new brother and sisters guided to Islaam. :salam2:
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    New muslim brother in town !

    :salam2: Enjoy your stay here akhi. :salam2:
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    :salam2: Yeah I remember this girl. She helped people learn about Islaam but she didn't convert herself. Allaah only accepts Islaam. He who chooses a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him, and in the Everlasting Life he will be among the losers.[3:85] Her not...
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    Sister Seeking Allah's Mercy. .

    Inna lillaahi wa inna alayhi raji'oon Insha' Allaah her grandfather and his family is in my du'aa's. :salam2:
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    :salam2: They can move from there for the sake of Allaah subhaana wa ta'aala instead of living like that. :salam2:
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    Mercy halal slaughtering

    :salam2: Jazaaki Allaahu khayran for sharing sister. May Allaah bless this company and make it grow and reward the company for their efforts. Ameen. :salam2:
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    Ask help to Rasool (Sa)

    :salam2: All you have to do is some research. Insha' Allaah you will find the answer, as I did. It's the answer to the man calling upon the Messenger of Allaah :saw:. I found it on another forum and I will copy and paste it here insha' Allaah.
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    Fantastic word game

    Guidance is what we need!!