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  • :salam2:

    :tti_sister:~May Allah swt bless upon you and your family~Amin!

    Take Care!
    Thank you,

    ~Wassalam :)
    Asalamu alaikum, may you get the best results inshaa Allah! Okay I will keep an eye out for those inshaa Allah and will let you know if I find them. I think I will inshaa Allah, they are popular books shouldn't be too hard finding them inshaa Allah.
    Asalamu alaikum dear sister!! :) How are you doing and how are exams?? Inshaa Allah all is well and you pass them with excellent grades! :D Do you need any books? I'm going to the bookstore inshaa Allah by next week or something! :D
    walaikumassalam my dear!!:)
    m good alhamdulillah!!
    oh! you r having exams!inshallah i wil pray for u :)
    inshallah you wil do best in yur exams!MAy Allah help u n bless you...amin
    take care.:)
    Wa alaikum asalam, no not all my exam results are out lol it's quite funny because it sometimes happens that let's say our last semester's grade come out when we're taking this semester's exams. hehe, so yeah we like to joke about it a lot, but that's just how our university is.. what about yours? and how are you? hehe
    Salaam Alaikum sis. alhamdulillah i find a chinese member in this forum. I am Nurdeen from Shanghai. Wish being a friend of yrs.
    assalamualikum dear sis,:)
    jazakallah for lending me yur will be great to be with u inshallah..
    so wats ur name n wat r u doing dear..?
    take care
    May Allah Bless You
    I rhyme! Mwaha! :D Yeah, Asia has always been my favorite place. Right now it's a tie between Asia and South Africa (cause I've just recently been to South Africa). I haven't personally been to China, but I've lived in Malaysia and my friend OH if my friend knew I have a friend in China she would absolutely be jealous! She's been there I think twice and she loves it! I actually love everything about South East Asia, the perfect striaght hair, the fair skin, and surprisingly, yes the eyes! The slim bodies, makes it a whole lot easier for me to shop my sizes! Oh those cute silk dresses! The culture and cool looking houses! LOL! I am excited and talking way too much (which I don't normally do). I'll go now cause there's still more writing in the PM, I wouldn't want to scare you off hehe.
    Asalamu alaikum, your location caught my attention! Hong Kong! Mashaa Allah what a beautiful place! I never actually there were Muslims over there. So salam all the way from Cairo to beautiful South East Asia (my favorite part of the globe hehe). :hearts:
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