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    Feelings of Regret Envy and Exasperation

    Assalamu alaikum to sister "candy" and to the rest of brothers and sisters. I think the rest have said it all, but I will repeat some points to highlight them. As brother Kashif said, this feeling of "love" is just like drug addiction. I am not sure if it is scientific, but it makes sense...
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    Bad treatment of Qaddafi's body

    :wasalam: Brother nyerekareem, I agree with you. Our brothers' behaviour was disappointing. I thought such behaviours were only carried out by occupying forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am extremely sad to see the same by Muslims regardless of how angry they were. Humanity, humanity...
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    Tony Benn on BBC refusal to broadcast Gaza aid appeal

    Jazakallah khair brother. This is the real face of the western media. In fact, BBC is assumed to be one of the most impartial outlet. The rest are even worse. This is exactly why I tell my brothers and sisters in Islam to be careful about their sources of information.
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    The World War 3 Conspiracy

    :salam2: Brother ErshadAhmed, I forced myself to watched the first clip of your videos for up to 20 minutes as it was too insulting to my intelligence to carry on watching. It is too simplistic and shows as though Islamic struggle against evil started since Sayed Qutub. And it puts the...
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    Dua + Destiny - Here is the answer!

    :salam2: With all due respect, I would like to take the opposite view. If the Egyptian people wouldn't stand up against the brutal regime of Hosne Mubarak, they would not enjoy life without his rule now. If Afghans hadn't fought against Russian occupation, they would be an occupied nation...
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    Why do I hide my Islam?

    Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters It is not fair to hide the light. When Muhammad (peace be upon him) received it, he shared it with the entire world without which we would be in the darkness and lost souls. He declared it to the entire world and left it to them to take it or leave it...
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    I should kill...?

    Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters The originator of this thread is an imposter, he does not intend to learn, but instead wants to mock. Take my word for it. This is not the first time we come across such posts. It makes me laugh when he uses the words "brothers and sisters" here. If...
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    Marrying a convert with Children and not a simple past?

    :salam2: brother I see several sides to the situation you are in: 1- Your Islamically charged emotional responsibility towards a reverted sister who sacrificed so much for Islam and deserves to be treated better 2- Your own feelings for the sister 3- Hurting your parents' feelings/...
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    Family problem...

    Assalamu alaikum respected little sister. I am sorry to read about your family problems. May Allah ease your situation and bring peace and happiness to your family. I am not sure whether it is islamically correct to do what your Imam is doing. What I can tell you is the last two Surahs of...
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    salam aleikum- question 4 those who know HOW

    Assalamu alaikum I could not put it better than brother islamirama. Wonderful advice. I would only add that Allah (God) is the judge and he has seen you which is far more important to worry about. Sincere repentance by your husband-to-be and accepting Islam by you is the best way forward...
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    Islam and Evolution

    A different perspective Assalamu alaikum brothers/sisters I watched a video lecture on this subject some time ago from a Muslim lecturer who presented somewhat different perspective which I found interesting. I dont necessarily agree with the entirety of this lecture, but he seems to be...
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    Malaysia/ KUL

    :wasalam: sister I am not from Malaysia, but I was there a couple of months ago. I only saw Kuala Lumpur and stayed there for 6 days. I have to say I loved it. People are friendly, food and public transport is much cheaper compared to the UK and the weather is fantastic. One place in...
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    Who likes rabbit??Creative and Productive

    :salam2: Brother CoolServant, rarely do I get a chance to laugh so much and your posts made me laugh in solitary. Whether you inteded to be funny or not, I found your posts really funny as well as interesting and beneficial too. You are certainly Cool Jazakallah khair
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    Advice on living together with husbands mother

    Asslamu alaikum sister I am not good with giving advice, but on the first glimps, I see the clash of cultures. It is evident that you and your husband are from two different cultures. Just as it is alien to your culture to accept your mother-in-law into your home permanently, I believe it is...
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    Zionism and Ramadan.

    A few words from an Afghan eye witness Assalamu alaikum to all brothers and sisters First of all, I would like to say that post No. 44 by Mr India is close to the truth. I would also like to say that while Taliban wereemerging as a power to reckon with in the west and south-west of...