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    For all science lovers...

    ... wow ... :eek: all seems so unbelievable...
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    zakaria botros...Must see brothers and sisters!!! :(

    well...if u check on the net, it's written that he is a coptic priest from Egypt.... he's Eygptian then... sheesh!!
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    Nu'ayman ibn 'Amr: Oh Nuayman !!!!

    .... :s .. .......... Is this story true? I mean, ur not supposed to distract anyone during prayers and Nuayman was a Sahabi, he must've known that... also that bash hurt Uthman Bin Affan, making blood flow... A sahabi couldn't have caused that to happen.... forgive me if I'm wrong, but...
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    zakaria botros...Must see brothers and sisters!!! :(

    It's unbelievable..the things people do just for money... and ur absolutely right, he's a big fat liar...the things people have written on that site...i've never heard of such stuff and to tell the truth, i don't even think what they wrote over there about the Muslims is possible at...
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    zakaria botros...Must see brothers and sisters!!! :(

    Assalamoalaikum all. ..I was going through some articles on the net when I saw a site called jihadwatch .... you wouldn't believe what I saw over there!!! I felt so angry that the only thing I could think of was to turn to all of you out there... They've insulted Islam, Muslims and worst of...
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    ** THE MISCONCEPTIONS THREAD **(about Islam/Quran etc..)

    Help! Can anyone please tell me whether this is authentic or not?I've received this in mails many times and have refrained from forwarding it recently because i don't know whether this is true or not and i don't want to be forwarding anything wrong or any sort of innovation. From Madina...
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    farewell boots for BUSH...:D

    WOW!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) wowwwyyy!!!! :) :) GO Muntadour al Zaidi!!!! GO GO GO!!!! I heard this news in the morning at school.. one of my friends told that time, I wasn't sure whether to believe it or not...but I was hoping the news would be true... and then after skl my papa told me...
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    Female Names

    :salam2: Atiya.
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    Countries & Cities... new game

    Argentina .........
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    Woman beheads alleged attacker

    Woah.... :O ....... well, I'd say that woman's absolutely not at fault .... she did that to save her dignity... and anyway, who knows what that beast would've done to her if she had done nothing herself...
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    Female Names

    OMG!! I totally forgot this was a female names thread! :lol::lol:l:ol::lol::lol::lol::lol: :D ... Sorry about that......... Salsabil (a girl in my Quran class had this name)
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    Countries & Cities... new game

    Safra ........
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    se7en riddle

    AW man!Not again!these were 2 of the easiest riddles on this thread! .... i didn't get a chance to answer them.... I ws in school when the 2nd riddle ws posted! :( anyways, :salam2: to all the riddlers :)
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    Countries & Cities... new game

    :salam2: Kabul
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    Gimme 5..., Ask for 5 things ...

    1)Looking at a book I've not read ... :D knowing that I'm gonna get it . 2)Standing in front of a library, let alone being inside it :D :D :D :D. 3)Something pleasant which happens unexpectedly. 4)At school, seeing a substitute enter a class...which means the teacher's absent for the...