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  • Oohh yea soo sorry..i just realized now. Thank you for noticing my birthday =)
    thank you for the wonderful wishes too..
    Selamat berpuasa
    Ramadhan Mubarak.

    Ahh icic...glad you are doing what is your are most interested in. U r a brother??!!
    Ha ha..Abang!!! Ur primary pic is like quite offence!!
    Thank you betamaker. I wish you will become a successful electrical engineer. Insya Allah.
    Do you mind telling me what race are you. Hope you don't find that question offensive.
    Its funny how you are graduating this oct and I am starting this october.hehe
    sorry sis but i did not see ur public profile..well i did applied for sponsors but i din get it. Maybe not this time. Maybe it is written for me to get it some other time.. Where did u study?
    Hope you are in the best of health.
    Insya Allah I will be joining university this september.
    How bout u?
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