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    Hisnul Muslim (Dua & Adhkar) v1.3.1 for Android

    Thank you for sharing it here. I installed it. Jazak Allah.
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    When you decide to change

    Masha'Allah, quite powerful but effective piece of advice. Thanks a lot for sharing it. :jazaak:
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    Should I disobey my husband?

    Asslam'u alykum, Perhaps you should persuade him to let it go this time... but yes, it's not permissible for a sister to start a voluntary fast without her husband's permission. Allah knows why (and we shouldn't doubt..). Subhan Allah. Prophet (may peace and blessing of Allah be upon him)...
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    I am new here

    Wa'alykum salaam, Welcome to the forum, dear brother Abdullah!
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    Ruling on one who neglects prayer

    Asslam'u alykum Brother, Jazak Allahu khayran for sharing this article. It's very concise and descriptive. Masha'Allah.
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    One Sin Lead to Repentance

    Asslam'u Alykum, Great reminder. Jazak Allah khayr, brother. *Ameen upon all the duas* Wa'salaam
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    BBC: Muslim Driving School

    Asslam'u Alykum, Agreed. It's slightly more positive and I appreciate it. All thanks to Allah SWT. Funny bits to it and few reminders as well for us Muslims! YouTube links: Part 1 | Part 2 :| Part 3 PS Don't miss smiling at 'theoryaah' :P
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    Using very bad language

    Jazak Allah khayr. Yes, I think you misunderstood it, brother. Mahmud is just regular name, and the person in question isn't the Prophet :saw:.
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    Hello to my fellow brothers/sisters

    Oh, yeahh! That was very funny video indeed. But now second thoughts, I think we should keep this all very low...because that journalist could turn out to be this brother Uzair's friend! LOL. Barak Allahu feekum.
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    Hello to my fellow brothers/sisters

    That's perfectly okay. We were just joking around. As Muslims, we should try utmost to learn Arabic (somehow!). :) Ameen upon the duas. PS Read the PM, Insha'Allah
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    Hello to my fellow brothers/sisters

    Your friends then must be able to help you. Plus I'm sure you will be getting along with Punjabis anyway. Lol. :) Oh yeah, I have been just studying for my exams. Duas requested.
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    Hello to my fellow brothers/sisters

    @ Ansari: Lol. :D He is from Karachi I think, aur unko Punjabi nahi aati hoti akser (they often don't know Punjabi). But yeah we can teach him saraa kuch (everythin').
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    Hello Tiaa, Welcome to the forum! Hope you have a very good here. Here are quite a few very knowledgeable sisters who will be able to assist you in every possible way to pass to you the pure teachings of Quran and sunnah (practices of the Prophet). Explore all the sections, and enjoy! Warm...
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    In Search of Sincerity

    Jazak Allah khayr, brother.