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  • Walaikumasalam man ameen bro JazakAllah khair - Eid Mubarak 2u2!
    Oh don't worry... sweets is my middle name :D

    I like flowers... dark... flowers with .. thorns on 'em :p
    I leave the bright and smooth ones for the sisters :)
    :wasalam: akhi :)
    EID MUBARAK.. just prayed EID salah :)
    we hav some lebanese sweets. bro u r most welcome, come at my place n hav some :D

    lebanese sweets
    I love lebanese sweets
    Wa alaikome salam brother....

    Jazakallah khairan for the kind Eid wishes. Ramadan was a special time and even though I tried to do something good and it turned out bad for me I know this is Allah's will so I accept it.

    I wish for you and your family a wonderful and blessed Eid. I pray Allah will accept and reward all of your good deeds. Ameen

    Sister Isra*
    Asslam'u Alykum brother,

    Hope you having good time, Insha'Allah. Don't feel Alone on this awesome occasion, Insha'Allah.

    May Allah accept your fasts. Ameen.
    Wa'alykum Salaam Wa'rehmatullah akhi,

    Good to hear that you were fine; Alhamdulillah. Ameen upon dua.
    Hope you are doing well today as well,
    salam alaykum r ya,.....thought id leave a msg... :D....have a happy remaining ramadan
    Asslam'u Alykum brother,
    Thought of dropping by to see how are you. I hope you are doing well and your Ramadan going well, Insha'Allah.
    Selam kardeşim :)

    Ne güzel bir Türkçe bu :) Senin Türk olduğunu hiç düşünmemiştim, sadece birkaç kelime Türkçe biliyorsun sanmıştım :D

    Şimdi daha candan kardeşim gibi hissettim seni ;)
    assalm alaikum

    hope you are doing great. thanks a lot for great duas. May Allah make this month beneficial for your health and eeman. Ameen
    may this Ramadhan be karim and may we all live to experience many more Ramadhans.

    to you and your family as well.

    assalam aleikum
    Jazakallah khairan brother but I dont think you know that Kalamazoo is a 2 hour drive one way! But I appreciate your help!
    Salam Alekum brother
    Ameen wa-iyaka.. Thanx 4 the wonderful message :) Ameen to ur duaa and wish u the same too InshAllah :)
    Take care :D
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