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  • Salaam alaik, brother!

    Good to see a mod online(finally!).

    Could you please do something with the user "islamirama"?? Subhanallah! Just go read his thread about polygyny and you'll know...
    aslam o aliakum wr wb :) bhai JazakAllah khair for replying mein sochne lag gaya tha shaid aap naraz hain Alhumdulilah Ramadan is going well, we already entered the last 10 days so inshAllah mujhe apni duaon mein yad rakhye ga

    walaikum salam wr wb
    wa'alaikum salaam warahmatullah wabarakatuh
    jazaka'Allah khair!!!!! subhana'Allah, I had no idea there was a whole thread on them. I have read the thread and bookmarked the books (links). Insha'Allah, I will read them one by one. May Allah reward you jannah.
    Thank you very very very much!
    aslam o aliakum wr wb

    bhai kya haal hai ? ab green ho gaye ho tu bhol hi gaye ho lol :p itni deir ho gaye aap se baat hi nhn howe :) hope ur doing well

    bhai inshAllah duaon mein yad rakhna
    Assalamu alaikum akhi,

    I hope you're in the best of health/imaan.....
    I came across this video while I was searching for Love for Allah....anyway, I wanted to know more about this group and I was advised to contact you for more info. I hope you have time to tell me about their aqeedah and what is wrong with it.
    May Allah reward you....and I hope that you're enjoying every bit of Ramadan!!!!
    و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
    Yes , please . I also sent to brother Mabsoot =)
    Assalaamualaikum brother I just wanted to know who closed the thread about liking dogs, where I felt I could argue further with the logic of the person who was arguing with me, but that person got last say before the thread closed
    Assalam alykum, just wanted to appoligize for anything wrong i said in the blog,.. hope your having a good ramadan, please enlighten me so i wont make the same mistakes
    It was more of me wanting to read rather than posting something up, but Jazaa'kAllaahu khayr. May your Ramadhaan(what's remaining of it) be an enjoyable and productive one, akh!

    Salaam 'alaik warahmatullaah!
    As-salaamu `alaik warahmatullaah, akhy!

    Since you're the only mod on the site atm.. You could probably help me out ?
    As I was going through the 'Islamic word meaning' game in the game sec, I noticed that it wouldn't allow me to go onto the 2nd page of that thread..? What's wrong with it?
    Asalaamu Alaikum Brother. Jazakallah Khair for your clarification on the Ramadan words. I thought I'd let you know that I was able to use the information you gave me about meaning of the "grave being made wide" and the "book being placed in the right hand" today. An important Elder in my community has crossed over and I used the teaching in my FB post. So, Shukran for the information.
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