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  • Asalaamu Alaikum....I know this is a bit of a stupid question but what does Ramadan Kareem mean? Specificly Kareem...and how does it differ in use with Mubarak Ramadan?
    Asalamoalaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu. . .

    Can I request you delete this thread. I don't like Locks on my threads.

    Jazakallah khair.
    Asalaamu Alaikum Brother! You haven't been around for a while and I was thinking about that fact just the other day. I hope everything is well with you and your family. I hope your mother and sister are well. Your studies must be intense because you haven't been around...

    bhaai aap witr kaisay parhtay ho kunkay mein abhi tak hanafi tarikay say perthi hoon .

    jazaakallah khair.
    assalaamu 'alaykkum wa rahmathullah

    i just saw that my post where i mentioned about Indian leaders (of early 20th centuries) has been edited. If it is because i mentioned Ibn Saud, then i seek Allah's help. Hope you will clarify insha Allah.

    Please give us the reason behind editing the posts, in the future so that we don't have to wonder where we went wrong. The other day, i saw one of the thread that i had started (under the topic Brave Muslim) was deleted. I still have no clue why.

    Barak Allahu feek.
    wassalaamu 'alaykkum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
    Assalaam walaikum,

    I just wish to thank whoever closed the tread on Muhammads concubine. We have to be cautious when we discuss our Prophet. I suggest Brother, that an administrator post the rules on what is deemed appropriate when discussing the actions of our Prophet.
    As salamu alykum Brother,

    Hope you are doing fine in both health and imaan......

    wa salam
    wa aleikum assalaam warahmatullah,Well where I come from we are taught to respect elders.I did not find it to be the case in the way you answered to Appa.It's all good though,none of us is perfect.May Allah guide us all.

    Wassalamu Aleikum Warahmatullah.
    As salamu alykum,

    Thankyou very much.........for helping me

    May Allah make your good deeds heavy.

    wa salam
    Asalaamu Alaikum Brother, I just stopped by to say hello. Abu Wuz is now 3 years old and has grown a half in in 7 days..mashallah! Inshallah your family is well, happy and strong on the path. All respects to your dear mother and sister. Fee amanallah
    Assalam Alaikum: Hope you are doing well.

    Br. I think you did not heed at my request.

    Isn't it feasible?.

    May Allah bless you.Take care.

    As-salaamu `alaykum

    In future, pm such requests in sha' Allah. Also, if I were you I wouldn't put yourself in that position yet. Give it time. Mabsoot is the one best suited, or maybe Abu Sarah.
    Wa'alykum as salam,
    Alhamdulillah mai thik hoon aur ummid karta hu ki aap bhi ...
    bhai abhi fil waqt mai Hyderabad(Deccan) me hu ...aur mausaum bahot garm hai ...
    assalam-o-alaikum brother i want get ur permission can i add u in my personal yahoo id i want some one who can tell me more about islam plz can i and how ur student need help wasalam
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