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  • salaam...

    yea u betcha....insha'Allaah hoping to contribute more during spring break!!
    may Allaah ease your every effort and reward you for all that you do for his pleasure! ameen
    Assalaamu alaykum new green member,

    Alhamdulillah ! May Allaah bless you to do your duties in a right way, aameen.

    p.s - I would like to converse on the last thread with you about the 'madrasah beating'. tell me when you're free ?
    :) jazakAllah khair for replying bhai i always get happy when i see ur msg jee ALhumdulilah im good bus study mein busy same old u know lol bht deir hi ho gaye the :)
    May Allah (swt) make it easy for u on ur exms - ameen :) inshAllah keep me in ur duas
    walaikum salam
    aslam o aliakum
    Sabeeh bhai naraz ho kya yr :p ab tu salaam dua ka bhi time nhn milta aap ki taraf se kahaan gaib hain aaj kal?
    how did that exam go which u were preparing for?
    Salam alaykum;

    No I didn´t miss "in" from your sentence. I just didn´t continue my sentence to end as:

    Of my mind he is (in dictator country now).

    I prefer not to continue discussing about same matter in same thread any more as it is for Egypt, not KSA matters. You are free to open new thread of course to explain more about your opinions of government and rulers of KSA if you feel it is needed. As avoiding conflicts I prefer not to take part to kind of thread.

    Have a nice day to you.
    Waalaykum assalaam wa barakatuhu,

    Its always great to hear from you akhi. jazaakAllahu khayran. May allah ta'ala bless you too with the best of deen and dunya. I have got a book recomendation 'inside into IELTS 'from brother Korai and InshaAllaah will see it.

    BarakAllaahu feek.
    aslam o aliakum bhai
    aap ki thori se wisdom chehye the
    so lately been talking to some people who are involved in tabligh and stuff and alot of them have to do with deobandi aur i saw some lec on fazail e amaal and before too i came across some of their literature or stories and after reading some of it, i was convinced this is not right and then later from some lecture i found those stories were taken from that book fazail e amaal.
    Could you convey some knowledge to me bhai on this topic
    jazakAllah khair
    Assalaamu alaykum brother,

    hope you are in good state of health and imaan.

    The matter is - I want some good links for IELTS - International English language Testing Scheme. My company has insisted some of us to pass it and so I plan it to pass it out in 2nd or 3rd week feb - the most. So in the mean time needing some good preparation in regard. I saw some sites but they have less practice papers, materials , information etc. I will not be able to join coaching as the timings are not suitable for me and the day schedule is quite busy. Hence will be doing the preparation online at my convenient timings. So if you find some free or paid sites please hook it to me, InshaAllaah. Its urgent.

    thank you.
    bhai shukar hai yr u replied i seriously thought aap ne :p mujhe se katti kar li lol if u know wat i mean like u know aap naraz ho , ALhumdulilah very nice to see ur reply INshALlah jaldi baat ho gi
    u tc too
    walaikum salam wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakatuhu
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