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    Syria Uprising…Salafist or Not .

    :salam2: Success will be reached when there`s unity in aqeedah inshaAllah,but now every muslim must help to free Syria,no matter how,go and fight with them,help with money and a lot of duaa.Muslims forgot Allah`s shariah and let kaafirs to handle them.Insha Allah the victory is close,may Allah...
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    Help please

    Dear brothers and sisters, many of you know brother Abaskuliev AbdurRauf from Azerbaijan. He leads Friday prayers in a mosque of Lezgi, in one of the city mosques. The brother helped with translations to brother Elmir Kuliev. His son is suffering from talassemy. Child is 1 year and 8 months...
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    «ПОЧЕМУ ТЫ НЕ МОЛИШЬСЯ?» (молись!)

    ассаламу алейкум,в каком формате файл?скачала но не могу окрыть
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    Have you ever dreamt of our prophet (sws)?

    assalam aleykum,I`ve dreamed about prophet saws,but i didn`t see his face,I felt that he was behind me telling a story about his son`s death,but when I woke up I just couldn`t remember all the details. And I also saw Azrail (a.s.) in my dream,he was full of bright and beautiful light,I can`t...
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    niqab...a bigg problem??

    :salam2: r u talking about niqab? hmm,right now I`m experiencing a big problem with hijab,I`m just thinking how to get out of this situation,but whatever they say,whatever they do,I`m not gonna take it off,noway! I put it on planning to wear niqab like u sisters,as soon as it...
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    Which country??

    Saudi Arabia,Qatar and Morocco.....
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    Please Make Dua'a! 2 past away and there are 2 left in need of your Dua'a

    May Allah will help them dear sister,they r in my dua`s inshaAllah
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    bent sanaa alyemen

    :wasalam: sdear sister U r very welcome :hijabi:
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    new member:)

    :wasalam:u r welcome :SMILY259:
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    Born muslim wanting to connect with reverts

    :salam2: dear sister,welcome to TTI family :hijabi:
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    how about learning a little bit of Malay?

    Jazakallahu kheyran sis :) We also have "makan" in our language,but it means "place" :)
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    A Daddy From Heaven

    :salam2: brother,I think man whether he`s mature or not can cry and not only for that reason above,even sometimes it can be for the reasons that don`t make women cry...because no matter who u are & how old u are,u have a human heart,which is great present of ALLAH SWT. And that u miss and think...
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    A Daddy From Heaven

    :jazaak: :SMILY23::SMILY23: