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  • salam dear sister, to post image, you have that section of manage attachments bellow, when you post a reply...click on it and folow the steps of uploading, inchallah or put the link of an image between
    i think we sended mesage same time :)

    i am well alhamdullilah, camed from work, watching some news on internet, there are some manifestations here in country against the president, people are poor are the prices are high and life is expensive
    ofcourse i am like always also on tti, alhamdullilah

    your inbox is full
    salam aleikum, bit depresed because of my famelly, i wish things where different with them, so they can understand me more...but i suppose this is life, on some sides we gain, on some we loose, and that wich is with Allah is better, alhamdullilah

    here is cold also, i miss you, i hope you are well, inchallah, big hug for you
    Not for everyones family. Some people it's more conservative. Even theres no where to go without men being everywhere. Plus i can't go out the house without mahram.
    Assalam Alaikum Watahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.
    how r u dear sister? sara ye? ;)
    hope you are good and under ALLAH's mercy.
    you wanna be my friend ?
    i am afghani.i think you are too. :)
    Salam Alaikom
    Thank you very much for responding to my post. How are you sister? I hope you are very well. Wish you the best.
    salam sister,I hope you're alright.on monday in sh Allah I'll do the EEG(elettroencefalogramma)after the sleeping privation.I knew that I may have a problem at the womb and I should be operated.I'm worried for the eventual operatrion because I fear to lose all my uterus and I think I prefere not to do.take care my dear;)
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