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  • wa aleikum salam, good alhamdullilah, little tired, my inside neck pain is gone, and how are you ? i missed you
    I'm sorry sister. I hope you get some more rest and that you are not too stressed out. Insha'Allah.
    Wa Alaykum As Salam sister,

    Thank you for your kind welcome. I am fine, alhamdulillah. How about you?
    wa aleikum salam dear sister, good hamdullilah....but again nightmares :(
    how are you ?
    wa aleikum salam my dear sister, was reading some posts...
    good alhamdullilah and alhamdullilah i am home today, is cold and raining out
    how are you ? how you sleeped ?
    AlhamduliAllah , dear I have a cold and my son has examination also. We need to have patience every single day .....alhamduliAllah.
    Asalamu alaikim wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh , how are you dear sister? May Allah brighten your heart with his remembrance .
    salam, good morning dear sister, i am good hamdullilah, little sleepy because i waked up many times last night because of throut pains, i drink tea now, ill start work...
    how are you ?
    i have some work to do now...inchallah we will both have patience for what we need my esperanza
    is so and so, alhamdullilah for all, ..i wish i hade more patience but is hard to have..
    wa aleikum salam dear sister
    i am at work, not bad alhamdullilah
    feel little tired..
    and you ?
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