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  • wassalam dear sister
    so nice to see you
    i will go work from tomorow
    how are you feeling ?
    yea i've had sleep issues for years... more years than not actually... i used to love it when i was at the university level, now a days not so much.
    I'm okay... i hope you are. I'm just enjoying the long weekend... i made tagine tonight and i think i ate too much ... :)
    dear friend I'm not too bad,mashallah.I've nothing to complain,one one thing:while I write here I feel my head turning like in a whirpool,I 'm like fainting up.I'm waiting that my husband arrives at home to embrass him.I miss him in every moment and it'a also thanks to him that I don't leave myself to abandon everything.I'm not depressed,but physically and mentally confused.I'm having moments of total amnesy,happiness vs anger,sadness vs entusiasm.in january in sh Allah I'll go to the neurolog and make a visit.jazak Allahu khairan my dear sister
    salam dear sister, good alhamdullilah, not so bad
    and i try read posts here that i miss but are too many, only some i get to see
    and how are you feeling ?
    salam dear sister, well alhamdullilah
    i am cooking a soup
    ...i hade nightmares...again..i waked up in a black cloud :( i am better now
    how are you ?
    it is crazy, i do not know why i have this problem....thanks anyway sister and take care...
    yes i got your message. thank you..i will have a read and i will reply inshallah...
    wa aleikum salam
    i am good, i try get some sleep but is not my hour and i cant...
    and you ? nice to see you
    wa aleikum salam dear sister, i am good alhamdullilah
    it is raining here outside but i have a roof over my head, heated room..all thanks to Allah :)
    and you ?
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