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  • wa aleikum salam dear sister, i am well, hamdullilah..just thinking at my mom
    and how are you today ?
    wa aleikum salam dear sister, good, hamdullilah
    at work....what can i do..
    and you ?
    me too i will soon , good night and inchallah sleep well,
    big hug my dear sister :)
    salam aleikum
    yes alhamdullilah, i am, just head hurts me.
    i was reading around here posts that i missed but i cant focus very much....and i dont like when people argue on some threats, we all have different point of views, we are not the same and for sure noone is perfect
    salam aleikum dear sister, i am back, i was at my parents, my grandfather died, so fast, was in terminal fase of his disease and they didnt knew anithing....tomorow will burry him, but i will not go.
    how are you ?
    well yes reeading is good ienjoy that...cleaning i could definitely live wihtout,,
    anyway take care sister...anything yu need im always here
    mostly by reading and learning.... however have some of my parents friends coming into town on tuesday so later today or tomorrow will be a lot of cleaning :( ... not my favorite thing at all... does need to be done though, company or not... least i'll be able to get reading in today thats the good thing Mashallah i'm so glad when its clean so it makes it worth it.
    salaams .. better sister... somewhat... still coughing... but i don't feel like my lungs are so full of fluid. hope your having a good weekend inshallah...
    you're welcome sister, yes it's important to minimize that stress much as you can. Inshallah try to find hobbies or things to avert your mind and also other revert sisters in you area to socialize with. Women are very social creatures and having that social group is very therapeutic to them :)
    That's no good, stress can cause an ulcer too! you should try to relieve that stress much as possible dear. may Allah make it easy for you, ameen.
    awww subhanAllah may Allah heal you very soon and expiate your sins, amin! ((hugs her))..

    I hope you feel better soon InshaAllah!!

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