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  • happy for you hade this little changes, visiting your housband`s sister or going to mall
    and i hope you will rest even better tonight, inchallah
    wa aleikum salam
    i am good :) hamdullilah, besides this work ofcourse....
    nice to see you dear sister
    how you sleeped ?
    yes sister,I'll do them when it will be possible.even if in some way I wish not to know anything.take care
    salam dear sister, good hamdullilah...
    i just feel tired and i think i will go soon to sleep, i dont know why, but i feel tired these days more
    and how are you ?
    hy sister,the visit at the breast was ok,but about a disturb of the consciousness I should make a deeper control at the brain or at the vertebral column because of several moments of fainting up and nausea.I'll do a control when it will be possible,in sh Allah
    thank you dear sister, for everything, i hope you will sleep well, inchallah
    i will go bed also and speek tomorow
    i hug you much much
    salam aleikum
    wa aleikum salam my dear sister, bit tired, but alhamdullilah
    and how are you feeling now ? nice to see you
    salam 'alikum dear sister,alhamdulillah it's alright.tomorrow in sh Allah I'm going to the doctor and I'll know something more about my health.thank you very much for the post,I hope you too are ok!!
    yes, i was reading some things but i will go very soon, inchallah we will both sleep better dear esperanza, good night and salam aleikum my dear sister
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