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  • Salam aleikum dear sister, last night i went go shower and camed back but only for 5 min, becasue i felt very tired after my chase for the jacket. I went to sleep...and as usual i hade ugly dreams, i waked up in terror and shaking........
    I hope you are well, inchallah
    I missed you
    Wa alaikim asalaam dear sister I am fine alhamduliAllahb. I prayed 4 rakaa before dawn alhamduliAllah this help me a lot. I whish I can pray more but ........I am lazy. What about these days I pray you have a high spirit.
    salaams thanks... but sadly no... you know the worst part other than just not feeling good and working through it tomorrow and still trying to be nice and even voiced even when the callers aren't? this will keep me out of the gym for days..bleck!!
    take care dear sister, i dont know if you left allready for sleep, but i will go :)
    speek tomorow inchallah
    salam aleikum and sweet dreams
    wa'alikum assalaam dear sister...yes,exercise is good and hard for me...still have to try in sha Allah...you too plz try ...let's us girls be healthy in sha Allah...may Allah bless you and your family...
    me..i'm good alhamdulilah..i'm just a little out of tti nowadays...trying to keep a balance...have to include some exercise in my day too in sha Allah
    salam dear sister, was not so bad considering that today i got the payment :D hamdullilah......is not a treasure, but makes my expenses
    and how are you ?
    Wa alaikum Assalaam.. :)

    Alhamdulillah I am doing good :) studies?? they books and the online tabs really help me to have wonderful sleeps both in days and nights you know.. lollzzzzz

    Sister :) , May Allah Azzawajal bless you...
    Add me and my family and my loved ones in your duas Insha Allah :)

    Fee Amanillh
    Wa allaicumu salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

    Alahdmulillah, I am well with mercy of Allah dear sister. How are you? And how is your beloved family? I pray to Allah you are also well with help of Allah.

    Jazzak Allah khair dear sister for your kindness. :SMILY252:

    May Allah bless you. Ameen ya Rabb

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