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  • Assalam alaikomwa rahman tullah wa burrahktoh,

    Dearest sweet sister...how did i only find now how to add you to friends when you always have been?

    Fi amanillah
    Asalamu alaykum sis

    When you except my friend request, could you please try again to PM me. Hopefully now it will work. Jazak ALlahu khayra ya ukhti:hearts:

    Asalamu alaykum

    Sister i got the problem, when i treid to send you a pm it said this "Your options are configured to accept private messages only from your contacts. Therefore the following users will be unable to reply:" so when i check the box, you are not on my friends list. therefore i can send you but you can't reply. PROBLEM SOLVED! wooh hooo jazak Allahu khayra sis. i will now add you to my friends list.:hearts:

    Asalamu alaykum

    I saw what you are talking about sis, i tried to send you a pm but this what it said "Zaynab123 has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.

    If you are trying to send this message to multiple recipients, remove Zaynab123 from the recipient list and send the message again." Is this what you saw?

    It wasn't like that when sent you a pm yesterday. I will try to tell one of the mods, i hope they can help me. jazak Allahu khayra sis.:)

    Assalamu alaikoum wa rahmutallahi wa barakatuhu dear sis :) It's been a long time. I hope this message finds you and your family in the best of health and iman. catherine iman, Wassalam habibti
    Asalamu alaykum sister
    was is it you that does the arabic classes remember in that QA session with sheikh assim is it on wednesday next week

    wa salam
    Asalamualikum dear sis,
    Wa iyyaki :) :)
    Ameen to your heart felt dua sis! I wish the same and more for you. May Allah keep you happy and at peace always. Ameen.
    I miss you all when im not around, sometimes i get caught up with my education. But the love from you and sisters on TTI cames me back back and join the lovely sisterhood we have at TTI. :ma:

    Take care
    Fi amanillah Xx :hearts:
    salaam alaikom
    thank you so much for the advice .
    i will try to do it inshAllah .
    may Allah be with you and increase you with knowledge .
    salaam alaikom :)
    salaam alaikom dear sis
    how are you sister Amany ?
    where are you i need your help .
    since you work at a prep school can you please tell me how you deal with the students of that age ?
    i guess its kinda hard . as i told you before i deal with different ages so teenagers are included .
    thank you in advance .
    salaam alaikom
    salaam alaikom dear sister
    الحمد لله انك كويسه ايه رايك نتكلم عربى شويه
    اولا انا و الله سعيده جدا بعرفتك و بجد بحبك فى الله
    اما عن الوظيفه فانا بدى كورسات انجليزى فى مكانين واحد حكومى و واحد خاص
    و المديرين بتوع المكانين الحقيقه صعبين
    و كمان فيه نساء بتيجى تاخد عندى فى البيت
    يعنى بس فى المجمل انا مش باكتر على نفسى فى الشغل
    يعنى انا ممكن اريح من الشغل او الشغل هوه اللى يكون قليل
    لانه احنا فى المكانين بنشتغل على حسب كمية الناس اللى بتيجى و لو ما فيش ناس ما فيش شغل و ده الحقيقه قليل لما بيحصل يعنى الحمد لله الشغل بيبئى ماشى فى اغلب الاوقات
    كده يعنى و اهوه الشغل جميل و بيوسع مداركنا
    انا طولت عليكى
    ان شاء الله خليكى على اتصال
    سلام عليكم:)
    salaam alaikom my beloved sis
    how is it going with you ?
    i hope everything is ok .
    hope to hear from you soon.
    take care salaam
    salaam alaikom dear sister Amany
    I am so happy with your friendship jazaki Allahu khyran kathiran
    ameen to your dua and may Allah reward you with jannat al ferdous
    asalamu alaikum like usual I'm stopping by to give my greetings to random bros and sisters...

    How are u? Inshallah good.
    Walikumasalam warahmatullah my lovely sister Amany !
    I hope you are in the best of health and imaan, inshAllah. :)
    Ameen to your dua's, all good is due to Allah Almighty, to Him belong all Praise and Glory.
    May Allah Almighty reward you abundantly for your efforts too sis, ameen. May Allah guide us to good, make us good and grant us goodness.Ameen.

    Take care Xx :hearts:
    Keep me in your dua's sis.
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