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  • salaam alaikum.
    she joined fatima jinnah med college...
    my engg college is goin ok... gud to hear dat ur life is goin great!!
    may Allah bless us all...
    Do remember me in ur prayers..

    take care <3

    khuda hafiz!
    Assalaamu alaikum!
    sister how r u? everythn f9 over there? howz ur college goin? my best frnd joind a medical college in pakistan rcently! :)
    hope ur life is as smoot as u want it to be..
    with lots of regards n care....

    Salam alykum sis I missed you too!! It's been long time! I am doing great so us the family!!:) I was worrying about you & your family...allahumdulilah that you all are doing great!! Talk to you some other time! <3 take care *huges*
    acha listen jab thujhe tere yaaon se fursat milea plzz do come online but next week not this week bcz i am a bit busy
    miss you alot tc
    fatimmaaaaaaaa i am back here Alhamdulillah pata hai pata hai you missed me here alot hai na i know yaar mention mat kar how much you missed dikh raha hai itne sare post mere wall per konsi konsi parho :p
    LOL.. Yeah right! ;)
    Billi se yad aya... I was playing Dumb charades with my friends in the assembly ground. I was so involved in making signs that I barely noticed a HUGE cat near my feet.. When I looked down, I gave such a ear slitting scream..! Uff... udhar mere teachers aur kuch larke bhi khare the and they were laughing at me like maniacs.... Allah bachai aisi zillat se!!! :(

    You see, tum ne aaj bhi mujhe nahi bakhsha! :p
    Colour day?! Of all the nerve..! Why don't we get functions like that..:(;(
    Yup, yad aa gai "Spirit". Have watched that movie a hundred times! :O Btw, "Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" is pretty cool too. Do watch it.

    Sam has all the love? I seriously doubt it.. the way you push her around as if she's a personal assistant..lol. Kidding. ;)
    Apne mun se bad-dua he nikalna! Koi to banda achi baat keh deta hei.. Lihaz mein he dua kar do ke snowfall ho jaey..:/
    Pehle khud dafa ho na.. phir dosron ko mashwara dena..:p
    Anyways, me off to bed. My back is aching like anything...
    Stay away from mischief, devil!
    "Wolf whistles".. I should ask you, are you having animal instincts or something like that, dest? :p
    No, I had not left.. have half a mind to leave now!!
    Just bored and thought I'd read something useful.. ;)
    It rained here.. after weeks! But no snow... sniff, sniff!
    Give my love to your "glassy" lil sis..:p
    Salam sister Fatima!! I was worrying about you!! I hope your doing ok. I didn't had time to get on. :) I hope you and your family are doing great!:)
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