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  • What?! We are gonna visit another place??! Lolz! I don't know... I will ask abu.. lets see what happens..
    You were BUNKING the school for 2 WHOLE days??! lolz! Why, may I ask??
    Please dont tell me that there is some stupid reason behind this..!!
    و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
    Hello Fatima 2 :D

    I'm fine thanks for Allah , warabout u , honey ?

    Thanks for the friendship request :)
    Snow!! Oh.. I completely forgot about that!

    I am Tired so much right now... two hours of loadshedding in school..:( and the awful weather.......Argh!!
    Anyways will try to talk to u later.
    take care.. Bye!
    Allah hafiz
    am i sweet!....
    aww sister your so sweet...
    well, sis alhamdulillah, summa alhamdulillah i am fine sister....
    so,these days are going so damn boring i cant say you...
    and me and my sis are writing books based on islam, and inshallah will publish it..and we are trying to open an islamic dawah, so that we can preech our sister in islam...
    inshallah , may allah guide us and all our brothers and sisters...
    so, i said my days ...
    say me bout you ..
    whats up these days? haan :D
    I am not a jealous dinosaur, silly!! :D:D
    I think mum will pack the computer tomorrow or the day after tomorrow... She keeps on threatening about that..lolz..;);)

    Ufff! Garmi!! I really am fed up about it.... At least i wont miss Pindi because of the heat...:D
    Dafa ho gao!! Meri dostein chura rahi ho..!! Argh! How dare you..!! ;););) lolz.
    How are you doing? Talk while u can fatima. because I won't be talking to u for two weeks at the least..
    Wa'alaykum salaam!

    Tuwadda ki haal hain ;) loOoOoll :D
    yeh giving me lessons alryt! :) Hey u know how to say "I missed you" i really really really wana know please lol :D

    ur the cousin shes been talking about then eh? ooohhhhhh :D
    well, jazakAllah khair for nipping by on my profile! :D and jazakAllah khair again for sending me request! my pleasure to acccept! :D

    tussi apna khyaal rakhna! :D

    love u x x x
    Wassalaam :D
    Whatever, COUSIN!! :D:D
    same here! I am also going to miss you soooooooooooooo much!! *sniff* *sniff*..:(
    u take care of urself
    in the extreme hotness of gujran wala!
    assalaamualaikum ukhtii =)
    i m well alhamdulillah sis =)
    only a bit busy with my students =)
    what about u ?how are you ? Inshallah you are fine too with Allahs mercy and hope everything is ok =)
    i ll keep u in my dua's inshaAllah
    take care sis

    Love you
    May Allah bless you
    hugs kisses
    Wa Alaikom Assalam Wr Wb
    salam alikum

    im fine dear ukhtii alhabiba ,jazakai allah khairan katiran for asking about me..
    and you what about you dear ukhtii.hows everything?????????
    lots hugss and kisses.
    ur sis
    yeah same here. Awesome weather..(NS..:D:D)!
    I am just poring over the waves chapter in Physics..Have to get it done before we go to the dinner..:(:(
    Anyways, thanks a lot for the card, sis.... :)
    Cant wait to see you guys in Quetta..:D
    Assalamu alaykum!
    howdy fatima?? Chillng out?? the school is really going to kill us this time! S tests for the weekend..:(
    Please we are ALWAYS chilling out!
    We should be getting freaked out at least once in a lifetime!
    No its not on 19th.. confirmed report.
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