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  • i am not online on tti to much these days:(
    my hubby is coming from australia inshallah so i am doing a little shopping for him.
    but i dont have any idea what should i give as a u have any idea ,sister?
    may Allah give u whatever u desire and make us good muslims ameen.
    assalamualaikum dear sister,
    i was testing my mic to cry out loud to wake u up.where have u been?
    i am doing nothing at present.
    what are u doing?

    Alhamdulillah I am well dear sister,and happy to hear from you as well Mashallah. :)How are you dear sister? I pray you are well too Inshallah. ameen.

    you too, please take care

    May Allah always bless you.

    aslam o alaikum sis !
    i just remember :) i hope u dont think i didn't wish u on EID i did but then i had a lil something *ahem* *ahem* with the law here and they deleted all my vm sent so my EID card was deleted before you could read it .
    inshallah keep me in ur duas - ameen
    ur bro
    Aww no probs:D yupsy alhamdulilah it was great hw about urs? whts up these days?
    :( yea lol i had a lil confortation with the mod so then i was wrong so i asked them to delete all my msges and stuff :) so yea lol im back to 0 ;)
    LOL :D thats nice didn't log in hehe :D it made sense lol somewhat

    yea everything is fine at this end im up and running LOL :D Alhumdulilah
    ameen to ur dua ukhti May Allah (swt) bless u always too :)

    where were u for so many days? i hope everything was ok?
    aslam o alaikum sister :)
    so happy to see u online i hope ur doing well and everything good :)

    i was worried where my sis went off to
    assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh ..sister in islam..
    Eid Mubarak, Taqabal Allaahu Minna wa Minkum !!
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