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  • Assalam o alaykum
    Brother long time no see. i hope that you are in best of your health and emaan, enjyoing your life :) . be happy brother..but also remember us :D

    may Allah SWT bless you and your family always >ameen :)
    inshAllah brother.
    i love British accent :D i can listen to it for a whole day without being bored :lol:
    if you intend to come to NRW then most welcome brother, we r here to serve you :lol:
    Guten Abend brother

    Germany is good , but i would prefer UK to Germany as there is a large community of Pakistani muslims there. yes brother you can visit Germany :). cities to visit are Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and the state of NRW :D
    i am living in eastern but i will move to western Germany soon and there i will continue my masters in EPE
    Good to know brother..
    i have interest in programming but i dont have enough time to learn more as i am more focused on my course..
    and brother how is ur ramadan going?
    Wailekum salam brother
    i am not a professional programmer, i do intermediate level C++ and php programming for student job.my field is electrical power engineering but i do programming only to earn some money lol.
    r u a professional programmer?
    nhy bhai aisi baat nhy hy.
    aapka bohot bohot shukriya pochny ka bas jaldi mey thi sorry if i hurt u.after all you are my brother
    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...

    okay to your Qs akhi.

    firstly respected brother,that wasn't sarcasm it was me trying to make a point.Brother neox already answered someone before you that by spiritual equality he was not suggesting that the girl being American was missing something.he already answered that he wanted peity in a person,no matter where she is from.because piety doesn't need a passport or I.D. card of some country:)

    2nd Question:yes i did but was unsure how to repond.

    3rd Question:i think it's clear now,inshallah.

    one last thing akhi.i've noticed you don't say salam.it's not like a muslim to do so.inshallah say salam whenever you contact someone,post,or respond:)as it goes in Quran:

    “When you are greeted with a greeting, greet with better than it or return it. Allah takes count of all things”.
    [Surah an-Nur 4:86]

    sorry for my late respnse i realised late that you have enabled the VMz.

    jazakallah khairan
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