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    Bahira the Monk: Islamic History Photos from Syria.

    :salam2: brother Jazakallah for sharing such beautifull pictures. You are very lucky to have visited such a historic place of which we only read about. May allah give you the strength to carry on with the good work that you are doing. Ameen P.S am looking forward to seeing more beautifull...
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    Ghuraba Nasheed Special Remix by

    :salam2: This is deffinately a very touching video. It was very very upsetting for me to watch this. Our muslim brothers and sisters are going through so much hardship in the world, i make dua that allah gives them all strength and sabar that they need and for allah to make it easy for them...
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    I Sit Here

    :salam2: what a beautifull poem, jazakallah for sharing this with us.
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    Video Iman (Monica) Aparicio Christianity to Islam

    Assalamalaiykum "If you believe in it you do it" this quote will stick with me for a very long time indeed. Mashallah this story is absolutely beautifull, it deffinately brought more than one tear to my eye. May allah give her and her family the strength to carry on with what they are doing and...
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    I sick sister in need of prayer

    salaams i hope you have a speedy recovery sister may allah give you all the happiness in the world and give you the best of health...ameen