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  • Alhamdulillaah I'm doing alright, akhy.

    I have to confess, I first saw this nasheed when I went for a visit to my homeland... My brother had a DVD full of nasheeds with english trans. and this was one of them. So I picked up a few meanings here and there throughout it but 'oh how innocent' was the only that stuck with me. =)

    JazaakAllaahu khayr for your help brother!

    Wassalaamu `alaik warahmatullaah!
    JazaakAllaahu khayr, akh! In that case be prepared to bothered alot with youtube videos..:)

    huh! Google translate.. That thing is just- Maasha'Allaah! It can surely deceive people such as myself since we won't really be a ble to pick out the mistakes..
    But, Khayr if it works for you:]

    That's true... You won't be able to forget as easily if you learn at a young age. I learnt english at an old age as well.. Next on my list is `arabic, and maybe I'll be as good as you oneday, bi'idhnillaah!

    May Allaah bless us all with beneficial knowlege.

    Wassalaamu `alaik warahmatullaah.
    Yeah I do it all the time too...If I come across a new nasheed I like- It'll be playing for a whole week to the point everyone in the house knows it =)

    Not really, akh. I don't think I'll ever be able to form sentences(even If I go to school for it) unless I actually go to Middle east.. and You know, like hang around the `arabic speakers and then eventually pick up the phrases !

    Btw, do you mind If I come to you for some translations from now on? There are quite a few nasheeds I want translated...

    Only if you don't mind though, I don't want to be a bother to you !
    JazaaKallaahu khayr ya akh!!!! Don't worry about posting it on the thread... That way now I can come back to re-read it again and again without worrying about it being lost or removed..=)

    No I think your english is really good, Maasha'Allaah!:]
    My 5 year old cousin has been clicking the 'replay' button for the nasheed all night long last night, now it's all stuck in my head..:)
    I have posted the translation in the Nasheed thread sister. It was not possible to post it here in VM. As it has exceeded the 1000 digit limit.

    I hope you will like the Nasheed even more....Inshallah
    Well now I have VM option :) .. I did not know the range of options and services available on TTI before. I am still learning.

    Regarding the translation sister suhaanah, Inshallah I will post a rough translation of the Nasheed as soon as I have it ready. It is quite hard to translate as my level of English is not good. Sadly, even my Arabic is not good. Even though Arabic is mother tongue.

    I am glad you like the Nasheed.

    Hazzatni (it has moved me): This Nasheed was written for Palestine to show and describe the suffering and hardship of its children, women and men.
    Salaam `alaik warahmatullaah, akhy!

    Remember this ? :)

    Just wanted to say- Thank you so much for introducing me to this nasheed.. It's very lovely, subhaanallaah !

    From what I understand, you speak `arabic, right? [Hopefully, you do]

    Can you translate the nasheed for me, then? I've..sort of..figured out what it's about, so it's not the 'summary' I need. I'd rather you translate it line for line.. (من فضلك؟):]
    JazaakAllaahu khayraa, both for the help and enabling this thing.. !
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