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  • Assalam-o-alaikum zainab aapa :SMILY149:

    Mashallah your brother is about to become an engineer ..mashallah that awesome...
    He is about to finish AND i just started...:shymuslima1:

    Tafseer ko kaun likh sakhta hain.
    Wo to parnain kay liye hote

    Did i got busted..
    When? How? and WHY?
    Damn i myself don't know that i got busted....:SMILY149:
    that is not good ..atleast i should know that i got busted...
    (busted...arrest karne ko kehtain hain..)
    Wa alikum us Salam bhai!
    Ohhhhhhhhhh... you are studying engineering?!! My brother is also studying engineering but its just his last semester. Lol! My bro also says to mum " Mom! I am studying Electrical Engineering, for Crying Out LOUD, its not a piece of cake, its really tough and please don't expect a 4 Gpa from me!"" Seems like all the engineering students are on the same boat.. right!?
    About the writing classes... you did say " meri Urdu bohat achi hei bas sirf likhne me problem hei"... so I guessed that you were reading the Tafseer so that you could Improve the writing!!!!

    Oh, and one more thing! What was the name of the uncle whih got you busted???
    Wassalam bhai jan.
    Wassalam..zainab aapi jaan..:)

    Inshallah i am very optimistic but sometimes you know you gotta be realistic. I am going engineering not arts or business you know..
    That why i don't want my parents or any one else to expect way too much from me.
    However what i do need is your prayers goona pray right:shymuslima1:

    Exams....i had 3 exams today..ya 3 exams in one day..:angryred:..1)STATICS..(mechanical engr)..2)differential equations. 1) Psychology paper due today...

    And now i am tired to

    Writing in urdu classes....did i said that i m taking writing classes for urdu...

    You said "If you don't mind me asking."
    ZAINAB aapi ....people who have mind dont mind...:)

    Assalam-o-alaikum bhai.

    Don't lose hope brother, u never know whats destined for you ... right??
    So be optimistic and just think that you are going to get 4 GPA!! InshaAllah. Agar nahin bhi aata to koi barhi baat nahi hei... hai na??
    Remember Allah helps those who help themselves!!

    When are your exams expected to start from?? If you don't mind me asking.
    Hope your writing-in-Urdu-lessons are going good.
    Fee Imaan illah
    wassalam behan jaan..
    main app say 3 saal barah hoon..mashallah..allah nazar na lagae (thats what my mom says lol)

    By that i mean......
    if you see the previous reply i asked..."agar mujhay kuch chaheye to main apni chootey aur bari baji say pooch sukhta hoo".....and after that you replied..."main hazar nahin hoon"

    Then i said "dont worry....main aap se apne liye kuch be nahin mangoon ga"...i will not ask anything for


    be safe...assalam-o-alaikum
    Salam bhai jaan Me aap se teen saal choti hoon ..... but i dont get this -> Do not worry about the help part....inshallah i will not ask any thing for myself...dont worry..... ?????? please brother be more specific...!!!
    Assalam-o-alaikum sister amna...

    Chootey baji...i thought you are bare kitne chotey baji??

    Do not worry about the help part....inshallah i will not ask any thing for myself...dont worry..

    be safe
    :wasalam: sis zainab:

    Mashallah its good to know that........

    Sister that 4.00 i dont think so is coming along this semester....its getting tough and tough now...and i dont have too much time for studies....job.....studies..and projects are not easy to manages...but you know trying my best...pray for me..that allah make it easy for me ....

    salam brother!

    Haahha.. about the question of religious education... trust me she is EXTREMELY strict about that... very strict.. so no need to ask her thq question.. :)
    i am Alhamdulillah offering my prayers on time... no CHUTTI in namaz. !
    Hope you get 4 Gpa this time. Ameen
    Fee Imaan illah
    :salam2: sister amna_muslima

    Pushto na poedhay...amme aur abbo nay nahin sikhae...:SMILY129:
    No its not weird.....
    mashallah its a real talent to know different languages...

    mashallah we have many sister from in case if i need any thing from Pakistan...i can tell you barhe baji's and choote baji's right...:shake:

    Be safe..

    :salam2: sister zainab....
    wow mashallah your family got some real good talent. May Allah give you the strength to keep it up.
    Girls beat Boys....(lol)hahaha.....i used to say other (boys beat girls) when i was there..
    On the top of that there were some remarks from the boys side..(which i dont agree btw)....larkian ka kaam kia hoota ....pora din ghar main bethay rehtain the rest of it yourself:SMILY303:)

    Mujhay urdu aab bohat acche aahtey hain....mashallah..lekhan likhney (write) may thoray bohat mushkil peesh aate hain..:shymuslima1:

    Amma je say kehna "mom jitna aap mujhay is board kay imtihan main position hasil karne pay pressurize kar rahein aap ne mujhay itna he religious education ha sil karne par pressurize kiya

    However sister, dont give that much time to your studies that you skip your salat...try to balance both these materialistic education...and the religious education
    Fi amanilllah

    Salam ...Brother "wo za pa pashto poedham"...
    This is soo wierd ,i m speaking pashto in all forums ...Lol
    walaikum salam
    Wa alaikum us salam brother!!

    No brother I am not feeling fearful at all Alhamdulillah! About the marks thingy... noops i am not lying...It was my sister who got 496. My cousin, who happens to be a GIRL, got 489 last year. and my bro got 381 out of 425. ( Girls beat boys!!) haha..lolz!
    Anyways my mum is the one who is really putting pressure on me because she says that none of her children got any positions in board so YOU are the one who is going to get one! I don't see that coming.... especially, when my IQ level is not that good and i experience MIGRANES which really affect my studies!
    So all i can do is work hard and pray to Almighty Allah to give me strength. Ameen. Pura Allah per Bharosa hei! ( Can you understand it?)

    About the Urdu lessons bro... hope you improve your Urdu by reading the tafseer. InshaAllah when my exams come to an end I will tell you about some reaaly good websites in Urdu .... which are relaed to Islam. InsaAllah.
    Fee Imaan illah.
    Allah Hafiz.
    Sister AMNA.....

    SALAM... seemed to be tooo old if i re-read your :SMILY303:...just kidding....


    why ..coz ..criticism leads to improvement..
    so sister zainab one day it happened that one of my fathers friend came to our house. Mashallah he was very good. He told me to write his name in Urdu...I tried my best to write his name....but I DO NOT KNOW HOW I WROTE IT...i wrote wrong...when my father saw that he taunted me...i felt really embarrassed...:shymuslima1:
    However ..i am working on Urdu too....i am reading tafsir ibn kathir in get two benefits in single shot...ahahah...

    Inshallah i will visit Pakistan so that i can improve it...probably in 2010.....

    Regarding Army Public Rawal pINDI...i only know these areas...SADR...TENCH...(others i forgot)....oh ya...ANNAM PUBLIC SCHOOL FOR GIRLS..and Also the one for boys....

    :salam2: zainab Baji :SMILY129:

    The only thing that we have to fear is fear itself....

    So dont worry about your exams. Inshallah they will go well. Just try your best and leave every thing to Allah.

    I know the exam system that you are talking about. Right after i finished my exams..they changed the grading system from 425 to 550.....however the final exam that i took they were partially objective.

    Mashallah ....496.. you are not lying

    However if your parents tell you of such goals...say to them FIVE FINGERS ARE NOT EQUAL...MASHALLAH ALL OF MY BROTHER OR SISTER HAD HIGH SCORE there should be one in a family that teases or disturbs you a little bit you know....hahah..

    Yes i do speak urdu,,,,but unfortuanately i am forgeting how to write :shymuslima1:... during board exams i was having tuff time with urdu ..but alhamdolilah did ok in urdu.....

    ..alrite i will write more ..when i go home...

    Brothers and sisters you reminded me of my board examz...
    Sister IslamicGirl24 "burai karna manaa hai"...!!!!
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