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  • JazakAllah khair for the responses you sent so far, Akhi. Sorry I wasn't able to respond till now. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala reward you.
    Jazakallah khair for all your efforts. I actually had no idea that he was in Medina. Always thought it was Egypt. BarakAllahu feek for trying to get in touch with him. I look forward to the response.

    jazaakallah khair chhatay bhayya.ALLAH aap ko zindagi aur aakhirat ki kaamyabi ataa farmaai ameen ya arhamaraahimeen.
    Assalamu allaicum wa raahmatullah wa baarkatuhu dear brother Zahid

    Jazzak Allah khair dear brother for your kindness and for helping me to understand this part of Islaam, which I did not understood before.I really do not know how to thank you.:shymuslima1:May Allah reword you with all good on both Worlds. Ameen summa ameen

    Alhamdulillah, now I have better understanding about this,and I put trust in Allah that He knows everything better than we do,and that for everything there is some reason behid, which we may not understand in the begining.I tried to learn more about Slaves in Islaam from diffrent Islamic books,and with help of Allah, I have now better undertanding about it,and trust to Allah why it was like that.

    May Allah open our hearts toward truth.

    Jazzak Allah khair once again for your kindness and help.

    May Allah bless you
    Wow. Thats great akhii. All the best in learning pashtoo!

    Rememebr me in your duas.

    Aameen. Allahumma Aameen.

    PAkistan main? I wish. Lol. Hum yahan he settle honge IA. Lekin Urdu main bolne ka pratice kar rahi hoon taake agar main wahan jao holiday ke liye to logo se baate to kar pawungi na..? Aur waisai bhi, yahan pe bohot saare log hain jo Urdu main baate kiya karete hain and i like to learn different languages..! maza ata hain yaar..! hehe

    OK, OK. Heres the truth, Im taking Urdu classes lol. :D


    PS jazakAllah khair for the congrats.
    AlhumdulilLah, main bhi.. theek hoon. Bus, shaadi ki tyari main aaj kal zyada busy hoon. Shopping list to khatam hi nahi hoti yaar..! Ye lena, woh lena... Uff. It gets kinda boring. :s

    Holidays are over man. Back to Madrasah tomorrow. AlhumdulilLah its good good. Just this term left and I'll be graduating in July inshaAllah. Make dua for your sis. :)

    Walaikum wasalam, glad everything's going well bro. =) nope that's not me, and i activated my account again, so inshAllah you'll be getting a friend request from soon. =)
    Wa'alaykumsalaam bro

    Long time, kaisai ho? Hope you're well inshaALlah. :)
    JazakAllah khair for dropping by.
    assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh ..Brother in islam..
    Eid Mubarak, Taqabal Allaahu Minna wa Minkum !!

    You wrote" brother

    Brother alqurtabi you know about the joke of Star buck???

    For Bengali's there is no problem in getting married.....too many bengali's in Star bucks.......hmmmmm...."
    Brotehr Helpinghumanity, You have to try harder if you're going to offend me, your silly made up joke will not do. :)
    Now don't get me started on Pakistanis. J/K
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