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  • o0oh, u aint that bad! (I think)lool, very proud of ur friend man!lool
    so, baaaji is like sister right???I think iam learning urdu FAST!AlhamduliAllah!
    pheeewwww! man I thought it was something else.thanks
    I will watch TONIGT!b4 I go to bed so I sleep while thinking abt DEAT!!!
    O0oh my rab! u serial(l000l) that means u serious!anyways, tabarakaAllah, that must have been a great time!soo envy u NOW!I wish I were u so I cud watch that!loool
    Iam happy for u, so were u one of the Qaris???
    hahahahaa!!! yeppy, aint that a good sign!!!?????
    AlhamduliAllah, gud to knw, what is QIRAAT??lol, dont knw lots of Arabic words(if that is even Arabic)o0oh, do tell me more abt it okiedokie??
    yes, 2 for sure and one is maybe(ot depends onthe homework that is gonna be corrected on monday!)ameen to ur dua
    o0h, my name is UBAH!!!lool
    sorry for the late repy:(
    lool. guess wat?? i was wrting a salaam msg, while u were writing urs!looool, that is funny!
    anyways, I am doing wonders here!Alhamduliallah! iam happy to see u to man! lool, my graduation?? u talking abt the that'll take place on friday june 5th??loool
    akhi I havent graduated yet! but I am back bc I only have to take 2 or three finals out of my classes...it's the policy in my school that if seniors have A- and above they dont have to take finals! so, I am pretty sure I am taking TWO finals!!!but I am feel ready for the review that is why iam back...plus I missed u guys alooooot! lool, my Avater?? did u read what it said?? (it says *rent, taxes, death, I hate growing up!!!*)loool, I found that FUNNY! i was laughing soooooo....
    well, nice seeing my little akhi:D:D:D:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:D:D:D:D:D
    i know Alhumdulillah :)

    but im just scraed.. like sumtimes when ur willing to be really gud and all the opposite person is not so much lol, he's probably scared about the same thing lol :D

    inshaAllah it'll be gud tho, just pls make dua for ur sis

    no.. we're thinking later than that.. im not sure yet wats happening lol

    ill keep u updated lil bro no worries inshaAllah ;)
    Aw mashaAllah.. yes he is also studying..

    hes hafiz, Aalim.. and duin sum degree now inshaAllah :)

    make du'a please for me and him.... its easy gettng married but to actually keep the *fizz* in the marriage is hard if u get wat i mean.. like ppl get *bored* i have heard.. lol i was like.... :confused: lol
    I called my bro lol and he laffed at me.. lol.. so annoying.. i had to get smn and smack it lol, i feel really bad.. hope Allah 4gves me but im just so scared :redface:

    haha.. u call sum1 else :lol:

    His name is Raihan ;)
    so tired lol.. yes ur ryt
    lol, yes im back.. cant sleep lol, i had a Mr spider in my room. now im worried it might hav brought along it's relatives too, lol gate crashing in my engagement lol :D

    soo a little scared.. lol.. spiders are not my best frends lol

    i amm very tired.. totally shattered lol
    hey bro i gotta go now

    Take care inshaAllah
    hope u made dua for ur sis ;)

    *sisterly hug*

    lol, thats cute man
    yeh a little upset :)

    Allhumdulillah ur not.. Its just me thinking wierd lol
    Yeh please make dua for meeeee... i need all the duaas i can get inshaAllah

    Ok brother, no worries inshaAllah..
    my family is sleeping lol, probably dreaming away in kuku land lol :D

    u seem a little upset.. evfn ok..?

    yeh we dont wana rush it .. take ur tym inshaAllah :)

    madrassa is gud Alhumdulillah.
    exams start on the 18 so pls make dua for ur sis :)
    PSP..? B.O.R.I.N.G. lol

    Alhumdulillah am gud.. just really drained out lol, been hektik day.. u know..

    Hows the fammily..? hey ur duin hifz right..? hows it goign..?
    Wa'alaykum Salaam akhii :)

    Yes! it was ammazing! :D
    Alhumdulillah Alhumdulillah Alhumdulillah

    hope u been makn dua for me lil bro :)

    how are uu? :)

    alhumdulillah im fine. its been soo longg!! GOSH! yea everything is cool at home. uhhh just studying 4 examss. so annoying!

    hope everything is good with u inshaALLAH. take care

    assalamu alaikkum

    w/alikom salaam brother. Thanks for the message. Inshallah you are in the best of health too.

    Jazak Allah khairan
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