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  • :salam2: you don't like Harry Potter? :O I find that as an insult :mad: just kidding :D

    nwy, how ya been? & 'eid mubarak xx
    I sppse to say tht man...u disappeared too u kno .....:D bt i missd u sisssss....hw u been hop thngs goin great 4ya .... kulu caamun wa antum bikhayr eid mubarak
    Barakallah feek ukht. Inshaa'Allaah if it's not rude or anything I'll remind you when I can, where I can*smile*. I know it's like one of those nasty clingy habits. You'll get over it though, Inshaa'Allaah.

    Mashaa'Allaah, that's must be nice, I don't really like shopping so I can say much. But being in a non muslim area it must feel reall very good. Eid spirit and blessing Alhumdulillah*Smile*

    No it's okay.

    Pfff. . .I just told the wrong person to read the convo, I so am busted!
    Ahem! sis I thought I'd tell you, don't swear too much. If I'm not wrong than its an act, disliked by our prophet:saw:. Just a small correction Inshaa'Allaah.

    *Giggles* I don't know what's going on. I think I'm bored or something. . .Yeah she said the same thing. I'm about to get charged, but lemme tell you something *Whispers* Its Uhhssslesssss. . .
    Hmmm. . .She told me there was some party coming down her end. I thought she was busy in that. But if I recall correctly that was suppose to have ended ages ago, that's why I got a bit worried about her.

    Khair Inshaa'Allaah. She's under Allaah's mercy.

    Hey ukth, check out my convo with Allahknowsbest, does it give you chills *worried*. I think I gave the lil sister a bit of a hard time. If I were her I'd be booking a place in the hospital for the person talking to me like that *Giggles*
    Oh well, can't say much, just picked up a few words while I was playing the game *Smile*.

    Well you sure are stuck with the slave drivers, hang in there ukht!

    Btw where's Suhaanah?
    I didn't want to sound that way, useless as in chatting with friends sometime or something along those lines. I see you are not like that so I apologise.

    *giggles* the way you said it. . our very own brother/mod Thariq2005!!!*Smile*. Dunno why, but that's sort of funny(?).

    Oh wow mashaa'Allaah that's like a very long chain of "helpers". I guess we can call it hasan help. Can't be saheeh because "I" do not reach the level for huffaz helpers so we'll get one step down because the other two helpers are trusted and have knowledge*Smile*.

    Oh poor you, don't worry I'll be joining you soon. Don't feel lonely.
    Asalamoalaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,

    hmm, looks like a real problem isn't it. How about this. Don't reduce your computer usage, just reduce using it for useless purposes*Smile*. Go for listening to recitations, tafseers, lectures etc or may be read books, last but not the least (and I know you'll enjoy this most of all, though not half as good as the afore mentioned stuff) help people around at TTI *Grins*

    That's that. problemo solved*Smile*

    Oh school!

    P.S. you got your answer about that qadari person, right?!
    Ameen to your dua, sis.

    It's the 22nd fast today, probably 23rd for you - time is going by toooo fast. We're nearly at the end of Ramadan already, and it feels like it just started. Lets keep up with the ibadah till the end, InshaAllah :) You know sis, I only just managed to finally finish reciting the Quran - subhanAllah, I'm *such* a slow reader - it takes me like 45 mins to almost an hour to read one Juz. I'm so jealous of people who are native speakers and can zip through effortlessly. Oh well, at least I finished, I thought I'd never make it. Lol..
    Salaamalaykum sister Amatullah,

    The person in question is Tahir Ul qadri who belongs to Barelwiyyah (deviant sect). He is a heretic and calls towards shirk and kufr. It is not advisable for anyone to take knowledge from him.

    Brother Thariq has contributed some information on this sect and their call. For more info please read his post and the links he has contributed.


    Wa iyyaki.. Wasalaamalaykum
    walaykumsalaam sister,

    The link that you sent is not complete and I was not able to open it.

    If you can link with me the correct link, I can look into it InshaAllah.

    Noo, noo, I didn't forget you, seriously. >.< I'm just a horrible correspondent, lol. I tend to vanish in the middle of a conversation. I know, Ramadan is going by tooo fast, I feel I haven't really done anything yet.
    Assalamualaikum sis. How's everything - it's been ages since I contacted you. :) I hope Ramadan is going good for you, InshaAllah.
    Lol! And mnpls maxaa kasoo dooneysaa if you don't mind me asking ? Please don't tell me you're coming for Karmel..! Or worse, 24ka! Ugh.. I'm sick of those pervs oo banaanka safan all day and night..!

    Oh? I told yu they were her kids?? You're prolly mistaken saxib, am sure i said 'aunt's' not hers.
    Lol you met her kiligeed cos she's the only sister here dee..

    Ah I see! Are the weekends still as busy as they were back when we used to come? How bout the parking lots? They any better?LOL I'll never forget the day we spent over an hour looking for a darn place to park..

    S'aight! And I prefer a fresh start for this Uni thingy.. Friends I spent years in school with aren't really included in my idea of 'fresh start'=) I dont need distractions like them in the real world.. I've already gotten into enuf trouble to last me a lifetime..^_^ And plus, ima be away(going to visit the parents for 3 months) when the semester begins.. So we won't really have that sem together..=(
    It's alright since it was quite new to you.

    why did I leave 7 out, because the sister left 7 out for some reason. Inshaa'Allaah. he'll provide you with the correct info.

    It means welcome *Smile*
    Oh they are pretty common here, them and the sufees are best friends. There foolish poetry if full of shirk and bashing the sheikhs*Grins*May Allaah give them hidayah.

    I don't know what they believe actually, I don't pay much attention to them. If I don't agree with someone I prefer not to go and search for their faults, It's better to see what's good in them. However since you want to study and avoid what's wrong. Then, like I said contact BII. He'll be able to inform you better.

    Nick? nope, just initials I picked up from another sister while we used to chat on MSN *Smile*

    Nah! he likes him, I'm telling you. Go just ahead and ask him, you'll see what I mean.
    Wa alaicumu saalam wa raahmatullah wa baarakatuhu dear sister

    Alhadmulillah I have been well dear sister with Allahs Mercy and Blessings for me.

    It is month of Ramadhan now so I am trying to spend most of my time in learning and memoraising Quraan, but beside that I try to spend more time with my beloved family and my loved ones. Alhadmulilah to Allah on every day that He has gives us.

    How are you dear sister and how do you spend Ramadhan? I pray to Allah that He fullfill your hearts with eman and happiness and of your beloved family,and may Allah be always close to you. Ameen ya Rabby

    Thank you dear sister once again for remembering me. I have aslo truly missed you and love you from my heart. :SMILY252:

    May Allah bless you and keep you under His Mercy and Protection.

    I love you for the Sake of Allah!

    Wa allaicumu saalam wa raahmatullahi wa baarakatuhu
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