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  • Yeah she did.

    I know*Smile*. Things are sorted our Inshaa'Allaah. i apologized. It was actually after I send my apology that I removed the 'text' in my VM on you wall.

    The guy is from a deviant sect called the Barelvis. Their aqeedah is incorrect as they believe the Prophet:saw: didn't die but concealed himself ("Pardah farmaya" as they say in urdu). They call upon him:saw: for help and use "ya" with his :saw:blessed name.

    As for this guy himself, than I don't like him for his hypocrisy. He recently got nationality in Canada and started giving strange fatwas to please the non Muslims. Fatwas on Jihad and all and how you can't do it.

    My Advice: contact BII (BrotherInIslam7). He knows him well. As far as I know, this man is his favorite person on the face of the earth*Grins*. Go on!
    Haha! naaaaw...b-Ville masjid is crossed outta my list now! Waan ka tala baxey..:p niqaabkeygi ainf enuf for me.. I need a daah!hmph!:[ But hey, my(along with the whole of twin cities) invitation still stands... Yu can come thru anytime!=D

    LoL! Imma tell her you said that.. I bet her response will be something like"O.O do I look that old that she'd think in la I qabo?! Imma go put some huruud on so I look my age!" hehe

    When aa? Uhh, not sure wallah.. Soon though insha'Allah! Btw, didn't yu use to work on Thursdays too ?

    Normandale ! LOL half of the kids from my school are comin there apparently.. Maybe it's that ice-cream vending machine that's attracting all of em to it..:p
    As for me coming.. Horta didn't we talk abt this before?(sometime ago ? Via txt msg?) you'll be at the U by the time i come dee..:(
    AlhumdulilLah am well :)

    Hope ur ramadhan is going well abayo.

    Tc. keep us in your duas

    Nooooo ! Just when I was imagining a 'good' masjid you go and tell me that there's NO daah between y'all ?! I guess i should've expected that, eh? I mean, there ain't that many Masaajids like the ones we've in sin bowl(or mnpls) 'round these dayss! We're just cool(in a deeny way) like that!;)

    ohh so you haven't heard yet huh? Well, word on street is that *someone* is officially a 'Niqaabi', as of three months now!=) Qatar right??!:)

    oh and hey, your work schedule still the same ? We're gonna come by to MOA one of these days(we as in my sister nd I)... Ubax's getting hitched yo ! Uhm, actually 'nikaahed'..for now!
    *Smile* lost in the deepest, darkest forest of confusion. Sobhan'Allaah!

    Okay, I think I'll check my inbox tonight then, it's 11:00 am here right now.

    Editing to remove the tale of me getting a lecture*Smile*. I don't want it to be read by many.

    Hope you don't mind.
    Hey sister I'm just kidding. Considering I know almost nothing about you country, I'm 100 times more ignorant than you can ever dream to be.

    I is not scaring you *smile*. Nothing happened, I just send you a PM and I get a VM in reply. All went well but my dear sister Amatullah didn't knew she had to keep my privacy her first priority till I mention it was fine that she did *grins*. Did I just confuse you?

    Hey where's Suhaanah, she made me make some space for her PM in my inbox and then vanished into thin air!
    My my! you really do not know a lot since you know nothing about my city. Pff Such ignorance *grins*!

    If there is something you think you can learn from me, you have all the chance you want sister, just make sure you learn while I breath *smile*. Atleast I will gather some rewards if the knowledge is beneficial.

    Yeah well, knowing what happened, I appreciate your priorities *smile*.
    Oh now I'm seriously annoyed*Smile*. Such Ignorance! *grins*

    Yeah Suhanaah told me. I emptied some space.

    No problem with the VM Inshaa'Allaah!
    My life has been good so far, Alhamdulillah. Or should I say that because it is Ramadhaan, I feel very good, Mashaa Allaah. Thankful for all the blessings that Allaah shower upon all of us.

    I'm in my semester break now though I'm in University, have a program here. You are in your summer break now, aren't you?
    Wa'aalaykummusalaam wa rahmatullah,

    Mashaa Allaah. . was very nice of you. . just that its already noon here; meaning that the sun has already beyond shining nicely to me :D

    How was your Iftaar last night? Its night time at your place, isn't it? BTW, what's for sahoor? May I join :wink:
    Lakin if I remember correctly, that(hardwood floored) area was near the entrance, sax? And there was just ONE entry way...iskumeel ee kasoo galaan the dudes and females. So ain't it kinda weird to hold the xaflads/weddings where everyone(those that are there for other purposes) can easily see the xaflad ppl?? Or maybe the setting am imaging is wrong... My memory of tht place is pretty vague anyways...
    And yu never told me... Is there a daah or sumthing in between y'all?? I hope there is man..or am bring my own daah when I do come there and hang it up at the section ima pray..hehe. Hopefully there won't be any need for that..;)

    I thought so too... Yu were never one to stay up late in the first place..*rolls eyes* ya sleep to darn much gabareey!:p
    And btw, the twin cities are SAFE now that it is Ramadhaan...so no need to be scared anymore.. We won't hurt yu! Come thru anytime, k?(and I assure you this isn't a set-up so believe me haye dheh!=)) and come AlonE..!=D
    Nope! you got it wrong.

    Well you just said what Jen said *smile*. I know about the mullani thing, It's the muhajaba I don't know about.

    I can wait for you to get it confirmed for me, until than you wait for my confirmation *grins* I love "this" confirmation game!

    No worries sister. Join as you will and wish. I'm just concerned about that one word for now (for my own knowledge not that game *grins*)
    Hahaha :p Thanks sis, so is yours! I mean, it really gets me thinking. Perfect "for the muslim youth" in every way. ;) :D

    PS: Can you go look at my thread on the sister's section and see if you know what I could do about it? It's kinda urgent. :p
    It is famous for Chapli khababs *smile*. its a piece of cake now!

    I'll name it if you help me out here. I know one word, I don't know the other. I asked sister Tabassum to reply, but I guess she's not interested. Jen picked those words from her thread. So, you answer my Question, I'll answer or confirm yours *grins* deal?
    Psht! I win..! Ha qaraarin!:p

    lol well I suggest, yu get to 'know' your own state's Capital City asap! =) Yu can start by coming down to Ihsaan soon! You don't even need a map to get here, once you get off the highway, just follow the smell of qaxooti nd females in Hijaab and Tada.. you're there !=D

    Hahaha, trust me saaxib..I'm not hating! But really man..i hope there's atleast a barrier or something between the brothers and sisters. Carpeting that hardwood floor can wait!hehe

    Insha'Alllah! We'll come by before this Ramadhaan passes! And I'll bring the gang along.. Kiddin'! Or maybe I should..hmm..=)
    Umm haha, I think I know what you mean.. Well I'm not sure.. But anyway, yeah same here! Ramadan's starting to get productive now (finally) for me alhamdulillah, if you know what I mean. :D :D
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