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    Protesters burn US flag outside embassy in london

    Hi there,how are you?Good God willing. Please do Allow me to state some humble words in response to your comment: Be it in the name of Islam or Humanism. My freedom should start where yours begins.It is a very nihilistic and self contradicting view you are portraying there,as you are limiting...
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    Protesters burn US flag outside embassy in london

    :salam2:This is a useless,mean,idiotic unislamic and shameful circus .A lot of the people who died were Muslims, others were maybe family fathers,mothers or even youngsters of all kind of ethnicities,countries, religious conviction and who have nothing to do with the hegemonic and ruthless...
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    Today whole world should cry on shame!!

    Wa Aleikum Assalaam Wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Am with you on this one...Allahu Akbar brother,bigger than carelessness and individualism.Justice will be done and the hearts will be checked one day.
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    Eco-friendly mosque planned for Germany

    :salam2:We can not and should not rely on one or two cases or headlines to describe the general atmosphere of a whole nation,of every village,city, and "Hood" like they say,However much condemnable they are,it is not serious. There are so much more positive things aswell In "those" countries...
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    Eco-friendly mosque planned for Germany

    :salam2: I beg to respectfully disagree with you on one point if you allow..I don't think that Germans are more racist than anybody out there outside of the Hollyahood propaganda machine think people...You will find Race pride even in Ouagadougou ,Hongkong or Jedda,that is how some people...
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    Marrying older women

    Wa Aleikum Assalaam brother, Let me add a b flat to the bravely without teasing you.Marriage is half of the deen,when it comes your way inshallah, you will face it and have a wonderful pious sister by your side,and you will be just and generous more like the other "Robin".Oh and don't worry...
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    Marrying older women

    :salam2: It feels nice to be welcomed in such a generous fashion,that is kind of you.May Allah swt bless you and the boys. I sadly don't have the time to engage in discussions lately,I just wanted to drop by...What you have said obviously sums it up and inshallah there is enough for...
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    Hi, New Here

    Assalamu Aleikum, Congratulation for accepting Islam britanny,welcome to the family.May Allah swt shower his mercy and continue to guide you always. This is an awesome site with a great deal of helpful ,dedicated and friendly folks among them "Mazleeeems"(Kidding)just browse around the...
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    Marrying older women

    wa Alaykumu assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,Well as long as Allah swt is the supreme ruler , I don't mind living with that illusion if it really meant to be part of predestination.If not and the donkey is dead, the sword has melted and the knight gets swallowed by a cousin frog of his...
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    Marrying older women

    :salam2:Now this is really funny haha. It has being the sliding banana skin all across history, I guess we are no exception to the trick lol. Alhamdulillah Who has placed Rahma between us ,so that we can balance each other s nature. Jazakhallahu Khair.
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    A warm welcome to you Mehitora.Insha'Allah(God Willing) you'll make new friends over here and share knowledge with everyone.By the way ,I find the Rabbit expression to be quite hilarious.:) I see that the brothers and sisters have already given you some information ,go through it and never...
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    Do Muslims/Islam reject Darwinism/Evolution/Darwin ?

    :salam2:Evolution or not,this doesn't exclude the need for a primary cause to existence.Basically atheists most of the time use this evolution concept to try and discredit and ridicule the instinctive need of humans all across history to believe in a higher being. The arguements I heard so...
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    Is interracial marriage allowed in Islam ?

    :salam2:Go ahead brother marry, just marrrrrrrrrrrry ,brown,white ,green,yellow.It is not a silly question, there are just silly answers to it. In "fact", know that you are just exchanging a big bag of problems with another one when you marry haha (Just joking) :biggrin: May Allah swt...
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    Need your help please!!!!

    :salam2:My toughts and prayers are with you and your family sister.May Allah swt grant your beloved son a quick recovery and have you enjoy his company, joy,smile and love for the rest of your life .Ameen. Best wishes to you and yours. Besslamaa Wassalamu Aleikum Warahmatullahi wa...
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    Sharon Horgan makes Mecca Suicidal joke

    :salam2:This isn't even funny,it is banal and opportunistic.Makes you wonder how she got the job though to shame herself with such nonsense.....I guess shamelessness is just like a snowball,the more you roll it the bigger it gets.This kind of people treat even themselves like dirt, how do you...