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  • Main mumbai se hu bhai aur mausam thek thak hai, aaj zyada garmi nahi hai yaha.... Alhamdulillah
    Alhamdulillah, ab uncle thek hai bhai, puchne ke liye shukriya,

    Family is also well, and im back to office :(

    Aur aap sunao, sab khariyat se?
    Alhamdulillah, ALLAH karim hai, sab thek hai bhai, thoda busy hu, fursat se baatein karenge
    Assalamua'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    I read you thread about the use of the word "Hazrat". I am unsure of the ruling but I once saw posts editted by Brother IslamicFajr [one of the mods] and he wrote that it's not permissible/not encourgable to use it.

    Allahu a'laam. You may want to ask directly to him or maybe Brother Mabsoot can help you, inshaa Allaah.
    Assalamu alaykum akhi...

    sorry to bother you, but I did not want to keep on writing on sister aapa's thread. You mentioned you were hospitalized for psychosis and that you're currently on medication.

    I am seeing a counselor/therapist for "low mood" and she recommended that I see a psychiatrist. I am fearful because of what I maybe diagnosed with. My first initial therapist and I (as a psych major) suspect either depression with anxiety or bipolar disorder. I fear medications a lot because I never took 'em in my entire life. I do not like my body to be dependent on medications--hence, the reason why I am reluctant to seeing a psychiatrist.

    my question is.....what medications do take and do they help at all? do you combine therapy and medications or have you done both in the past?

    Sorry for the VM again....
    aslam o alaikum wr wb :)

    ji bhai abhi tu isb mein hon LOL lakin hum tu musafir hain :p jaga se jaga phirte rehte hain lol abhi isb mein phir pata nhn kahaan hehe :D
    waisey tu aap pehle hain jin ko mein lucknow se ab janta hon :D lakin lucknow mein bht muslim history hai MashAllah :) aur i think muslims bhi bht hain
    mere ik dost hai UP se city ka naam bhol gaya, aur kuch hyderabad se hain
    waisey ik banda tha delhi se :D bht mast urdu bolta tha lol aisi hi kar ke lol aur hyderabad ke dos thai uss ke sath tu bus a raha ja raha hai ya khare khare muskra riya hai hehe :D anywayz do tell me abt ur area, May Allah (swt) unite the muslims - ameen
    aslam o aliakum wr wb,
    sorry bhai for the late response :)
    koi baat nhn bhai aap bhi bus duaon mein yad rakha karein, pata nhn Allah (swt) kis ki dua qabool kar lein kis moqe pe
    mashAllah :D mein islamabad se hon currently lol
    aslam o aliakum wr wb

    lol :p u know mein yehi sochta tha shadi nhn howe phir aap ne bachon ke bare mein question pocha tu mein na kaha poch hi lon mashAllah kitne hain hehe :D
    MashALlah bhai :) irada tu acha hai inshAllah Allah (swt) kamyabi ata kare ga
    aur bache tu mann ke sache bht hi ache hote hain blessing from Allah (swt)
    dont worry :D aap ke bhi jald hi hon gaye ge aur aap kahaan se hai?
    lol aslam o aliakum wr wb :D wa iyak bhai , InshAllah
    sab khariyat se hai :) waisey mujhe nhn pata tha aap ke mashAllah bache bhi hain? :D kitne chand hain aap ke mashAllah
    aslam o alaikum wr wb :)
    bhai kaisey hain ? i know kabhi baat nhn howe lakin i love reading ur post i just saw ur post on kids :) so i said mashAllah so iss liye aap ko salam karne ka soch :D so anywayz aslam o aliakum :) lol
    Asalamo`Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baarakaatuh,

    Sorry to be bother you akh, could you please bring this link to Brother Thariq's attention by VMing or PMing him. I remember having discussed this with him sometime ago and he can help clear the confusion Inshaa'Allaah.

    I apologise again, but I can't VM him right now.

    BaarakAllaahu feek.
    Assalamu Alaikum:

    Ah,so that is the issue. keep it up with ancient piece until and unless,it is reasonable to switch to modern version.

    Take care.

    Assalamu Alaikum: Kasheef.

    Keep rotating :) For a moment you were there and all of sudden here.

    hamdullilah you are well, i`m so and so, but if Allah is with us , thats all that matters, i asked you because i seen you here pretty rare, but then i remembered you have exams. May Allah help you. Take care, salam aleikum
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