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    v.beautiful islamic links for Kids gorgeous...!

    :salam2: Beautiful !!! Jazakallah khairan sister for sharing. Wanna check out another beautiful one? Here's it. :ma: I got to learn a lot from this site.:tti_sister: Might be of help to all of you too. :wasalam:
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    These endless night

    Seems to be so sad poem. great creation.
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    :ma: Jazakallah!
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    ~ ~My beautiful veil~ ~

    Beautiful !!! Jazakallah khairan sister for sharing. i enjoyed it very much.
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    Exam Stress...

    Exam times can give you stress. But we should force ourselves to relax. :ma: Nice poem.
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    very heart touching poetry. keep writing sister. :ma:
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    Heart of Darkness

    :ma: very nice poetry.
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    I'm having a normal mood. Alhamdulillah.
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    sites for learning arabic

    :salam2: :ma: :jazaak:
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    Informative Website in Learning Arabic

    The link has been expired.
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    step by step, ARABIC grammar

    :salam2: Are there more lessons left?
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    Arabic lessons on TurnToIslam (from A To Z )

    :salam2: :ma: Good work.May Allah shower His blessing upon you.
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    Arabic course-Quran language-The Madinah Books Series

    :salam2: Shukran. Very helpful indeed. Started tutoring myself from these videos. Soon going to download the books, so that I can have a copy of it and learn it in my free time. :ma:
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    Let me introduce myself

    Welcome Sister! InshAllah, you'll learn more about islamic soon.