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  • Wa`alaykum salaam.

    No, they don't replace PMs, these are profile only messages. I just said we could use them when our PM inboxes are full, for a laugh.

    Sister al3efah, I know, I just thought it was a funny/cool idea so I posted that.
    salaam 3lykum
    jazak Allahu kyran that was really beneficial and alhmdulillah who guide us to the right path
    fee amaanillah
    by the way i am not asking for mr mabsoot fatwa but i trust his ways of getting the right anwer from ts right place thnx mr kashmiri jazaka Allahu kyran
    salam aleikum
    Is this something new ..Im little bit lost in my in box now ..So private messages are not private anymore?
    This is very interesting...

    waaleikum salam
    Asalama Aleikum brother and sisters..mashallah nice way of communication..thank you all..May Allah reward you all.
    Welcome to Oh I mean, Or is it

    Sorry, I couldn't resist...
    assalamualaikum ......beautiful! mashallah this website has become now very interesting and very Islamic (mashallah).......thanks for every one hear(in this forum) to give me so much of knowledge bout islam ....1st i like to thank my lord allah and then my parents who have followed and said me what is islam and then i like to thank you all because you all have given me more knowledge bout islam (jasakallah)
    slaam 3lykum
    well my job is a private teacher sometims i teach a group and sometimes i teach only one and thay are all growing ups so when i am alone with one of those trainers i keep the door open and there are alot of pople around us but not in the same room i mean everyone can see us and let me tell you that alhamdulillah all the people in this place are very respectable and religious .IS THIS ENOUGH OR I SHALL LEAVE THIS PLACE AND QUIT?
    jazakum Allahu khyran
    :shymuslima1::shymuslima1: hope you can answer as i wrote a thread an it didnt post
    Alhamdulillah Ya Akhi El-Habeeb..Ameer..Sara she is ok..fine ask about You, told me how my uncle Ameer and my GrandMother..? me and her wish All Rest of Your family be ok insha`Allaah ..

    Bark Allaah feek Akhi
    As-salaamu `alaykum

    The question mark to denote I don't have a display pic/avatar, under your friends list looks tacky.

    Yuck! I think I'll PS one now lol.

    Asalamo Alaikom

    great New look to the website... Jazakom Allah Kair for your time and efforts
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