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  • تكتشفيه مو تكتاشيفيه :)
    إن شاء الله بدعي لك يا عسل
    ايوة عرفت السر اكيد لوحة المفاتيح العربية ههههه معروفة
    Lol- what hw do i have? not very much- since i'm finished most of it:lol:
    well, at least u get friday off, right?:D
    lolllll sis- well, i dont think anyone could expect university to be non-stressing lol- i remember last year when i was studying for exams- it was crazy!:lol:
    rarley had time 4 myself.:( those were horrible, HORRIBLE memories!!!:lol:
    Take care sis! Have a nice time at university-:lol:
    hahaha if i was egyptian? :D maybe!! My mum looks egyptian :eek: and she can speak your lahja too :D:D:D

    mmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMmmm bamya! tthats soo yummmm mashaAllah :D:D:D please send me some :D
    How about basboussaa! :D you cook sis? :D

    your grandmother makes the best rokak?? :D wow mashaAllah, then if i come to egypt would you give me some? :D:D inshallah

    haha yes we didnt have enough time today, but definately tom inshaAllah if we get to speak on msn ill let you hear my baby voice :D:D

    Love you more and more and more and more and more etc....x 10000000 times :D:D

    big huggggs
    wa salaaaaaaaam
    Oh-lol sis! U got 10 days? lucky! Do you go to university on Saterdays????? Lol- sis- not bored yet- what a suprise-lol!:D
    I'm fineee- heeeeee! Lol- sis- don't worry- u dn't have to get me bored lol- I have homework!:lol:
    what a steroetype- I actually enjoy doing hw sumtimes!:lol:
    Lots of luv sis!!!:hearts:
    and make the best of ur holidays!:lol:
    Walaykumasalaam :)
    Alhamdolilah, it's okay I guess, so much work, so little the saying goes...
    Aha holidays nearly over, aww, I feel for you :D Have you enjoyed your break?
    Lol sis- thats ME!:lol:
    how r u latley sis?????
    I'm at home- on a 4-day weekend!!!! Lol- i guess i'll get bore dsoon- and wish i waz at school!:lol:
    lots of luv sis!!!!!:D
    و عليكم السلام اهليييييييين
    مبرووووووووك كتبتي بالعربية هههههههه
    انا بخير يا عسل ازيك انت عاملة ايه ؟:)
    ooooooh yes i even know molokhiya :D:D:D and i know mahshi :D:D:D i know lots of things abt ur food ;) i know mechltat, and um alee too :D:D:D::D:D

    hahahaha well i hope i will see soon inshaAllah :D:D:D
    i'll show u too :D:D i look like a baby :D and my voice...even worse :D:D:D my 3 years old sister's voice is louder than mine :D:D
    nyways sis cant wait to talk to u
    big huggggggggs
    love you more and more ;) :D:D:D:D
    wa salaam
    Asalamu Alaikum, IS IT HERE?????????PLEASE SAY IT IS HERE INSHA ALLAH!!!!!! I will be so sad if it does not come. I tried to make a special Dua before i mailed it, so Insha Allah it should come. Oh Allah please let Maha get my package Ameen. My Eid was very good Alhamdulillah. I celebrated Eid for 3 days and I just arrived home Alhamdulillah. My friends slaughtered a goat and I helped with the distribution of the meat. I also helped clean the intestines and stomach Yuck, but Subhanallah it was very interesting. Though if you have a weak stomach i don't suggest cutting the intestines because it smells so bad. I am sad that we did not get to chat. Insha Allah keep me posted with the postage LOL. Oh yeah and I am sorry I am so late, but EID MUBARAK! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX LOVE YOU!!!
    lol u dont believe me *vatewa* <roolls eyes at you>lol
    ameen to ur dua:D:D:D
    andyou was right lol.....I ate too much halwa!! lol
    I cannot resist man, it's purely madefor my mouth!!:D:D:D:D:D
    anways sunny deee, I am so happy to vm u lol
    luv u maha:D:D:D:D:D:D
    kiissss hug!
    Assalamu alaykum sis :D:D:D

    yumzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fatta? oh wowwww send me some please :D:D:D

    well i thought u would eat kuchari on eid because its delish! :D:D:D i looooooooooove kuchariiiiii! :D:D

    you look like a 14 years old? :D hmmm you should see my pics, i look like a 4 years old :D:D:D

    Love you more sis ;)
    big hugsss :D
    wa salammm
    احنا نقول بتمزحي
    كثيرة المفردات هنا
    ohhh, aaahh, hhhmm, eeehh,hhhhhhh, lol
    u had fun wif family! alhamdulillah:D:D:D:D:D:D
    well, here is hw my eid went:D:D:D:D
    my eid was like the BEST! i had loads of fun!:D:D:D
    well, after prayer I came home and ate food (not that much of sweets) then I went with my masjid sisters to the masjid (thot we was gnna pray jumma but ended up prayin dhuhur only:p) and then we watched Ar-risalah *the massage in Arabic* tbh, that was like the *bomb*!! SUBHANA'ALLAH!!!:D
    and we ate OMA! so much JUNK foood! lol
    sweets, chips and dips, pop! OMA!
    we just ate and ate like crazy ahahaha,
    I was there till maqrib (didnt wanna leave:() then I spent like three or more hrs at my BESTFRIEND'S HOUSE!:D:D:D:D:D
    this eid was the bestest for me, I thank Allah for blessin me with such sisters! subhanaAllah,
    every sec i spend wif them is pure GOLD!:D:D:D alhamdulillah:D:D:D
    luv u too habibti, ya qalbi :D:D:D:D:D
    mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahss n huggies:D:D:D
    Eid Mubarak!!!!! I am sorry you didn't get it yet. Insha Allah it will come! My first Eid was good Alhamdumdillah! How about you? Asalam Alaikum.
    hahahaha well im 19 but the old kind of 19 :D and youre the young kind of 19 mashaAllah :D:D:D

    oooooooh you slept well mashaAllah :D:D:D do you eat kuchari on eid? :D

    my eid was very nice alhamdulillah
    i had snack and lunch at an auntie's :D:D with some other sister, it was very nice mashaAllah :D:D its like being with family :D alhamdulillah :D

    lvoe u sisss
    wa salaaam :D
    Aw, well I have a few days to chill but I can't help but feel guilty that I should be working.

    Awh you're so sweet sister :hearts:

    No, unfortunately I didn't go to the masjid this Eid :( That's usually the best thing about Eid. Mash'Allah did you enjoy it and how was your day?

    Alhamdolilah, my day was wonderful actually, consisted of lotsa food and relatives :D
    Next couple of days will be fun with friends InshAllah :)
    bethazary = ايش معناها ما فهمتها ؟
    Mine was okeyyy .. i enjoyed it al7amdulillah :)
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