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  • AS SALAAMALAIKUM kaise ho????
    Allah ta''ala aapke friend ko sabr aur unki mom ko shafa'ath de...
    wa alaikum salaam,

    inshallah..dua karenge bhai. may Allah give ur friend's mother speedy recovery and restore health. Ameen.
    walaikum salam

    Inshallah taala akhi aap fikar na karein Inshallah sab sahi ho ga with the mercy of Allah (swt)
    Assalamualaikum :)
    MashAllah! Glad that everything is perfect at your end. Oh no worries, InshAllah. It'll be worth the wait.
    Nooo noo, I didnt write the manipal exam. Ill be writing it next year. Just passed out First year bade bhaiya !
    And Hyderabad is sooooo damn hot :(.
    Hope everything else is good at your end. Take care. Salaam.
    Salaam Bade Bhaiya....!
    Kaise ho aaap ? I hope everything is fab at your end.
    Its been very long. Any news about your job yet. Do remember me in your prayers and InshAllah I shall do the same.

    Take Care,
    Asalamalikum wah rahmahtullah wah bahrakatu brother

    i hope ur doing well:)......May i ask u brother how is ur niece? i hope inshAllah she will be fine ........hope u don't mind me asking of ur niece

    Walikumsalam wah rahmahtullah wah bahrahkatu
    walaikum salam bhai :)
    thats great news Inshallah taala Allah (swt) aa ko bohat achi job ata kare - ameen

    bhi sorry i was away too iss liye reply nahin kar saka either way i hope ur well aur sab sahi ja raha hai plz keep me updated
    aslam o alaikum
    Asalamu alaykum akhi

    Alhamdulilah! i'm doing great brother. My life has pretty much it's ups and downs. My computer brok so that's why i was gone that long. Alhamdulah i'm happy to come back to TTI. How's your little neice doing? And may Allah swt give a job amin. and insha Allah i'll try to remember you in my duas akhi. Insha ALlah, soon you will get a job.:SMILY335: Take care akhi and keep smiling too:):D

    Salaam Bade Bhaiya ?
    Kaise ho aap ? Still in UAE I suppose ?
    Hope everything is good at your end. Yess yess, I remember I have to make dua for you. Just wnted to remind you abt the same =D.
    Take Care, Salaam.
    As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi

    how are ya bro???? long tym havnt been here ....... sorry for ma absence..... well see ya 2moro
    I am glad that you are doing good bro and I will InshaAllaah keep you in my duas
    Asalamu alaykum akhi:)
    Oh wow you didn't forget me. Allahu Akbar!
    Yay! You are back. And i'm back too. Jazak Allahu khayra for the wonderful vm akhi. So how are you doing? and How's everything in your end? May Allah bless you amiin.
    Masha Allah! you still havent forgot saying "Keep smiling" jazak Allahu khayra akhi.
    Hows it goin bro I havent heard from you and just wonderin if you are doin good
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