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    Welcome to Middle East and Have a Nice Day

    What is wrong with us? Sometimes I wish I could join the expedition to Mars and never come back to Earth.
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    Serious Is there any moderator there? is a mess already without those people. Lol. I hate that website so much.
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    The Mehdi In Islam

    You know to be honest, I'm not sure if there is such a thing as the Mehdi in Islam. During my Islamic education my teachers never once mentioned any "mehdi". I am very confused actually. I know that prophet Jesus (as) will come for sure. But I really don't know anything about the Mehdi.
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    Question: Prophets

    Selamun Aleykum everybody, I was thinking today. Between the time of Hz. Isa (as) and Hz. Muhammad (saw), there was a 600 year gap. 1. Was there any other prophet during that period? 2. What was the correct religion during that period? If it was Judaism and Christianity then does that mean...
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    Refreshing Norway's Muslims form protective human ring around synagogue

    Egyptian Copts also did something similar once. They formed a ring around praying Muslims. Reading stories like this make my day. The feeling of love of other humans (regardless of their background) is what we must promote. Anyone who preaches against this love is morally dead. I think many...
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    I have a million questions about Isis

    Selamun Aleykum Wow. You are very curious. But rightfully so. ISIS gains support from sheep. People who have been taught to accept everything from the "scholars" without any question. These are people who refuse to use their aql (mind) and they literally worship the "scholars". I'm sure...
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    News ISIL video shows Christian Egyptians beheaded in Libya

    Could be. I really don't trust the Egyptian government. Anyways, if it was real, may Allah curse them. What right do they think they have to just kill 21 innocent human beings? Day by day it is getting clearer. Any Muslims who supports Daesh has to be an idiot. They are clearly against the Laws...
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    American Terrorist Kills 3 Muslim Students

    Allah rahmet eylesin. I hope the killer never sees sunlight again.
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    Video ISIS burns Jordanian pilot alive (GRAPHIC!!)

    Indeed it is a dangerous logic. I have read enough pro-ISIS arguments to conclude that there is so MUCH hypocrisy among their views. Double Standards, logical fallacies, and inconsistencies plague them. They always find a response to you. In the end, when you logically beat them to the ground...
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    Video ISIS burns Jordanian pilot alive (GRAPHIC!!)

    Supporters of this often use very obscure statements from obscure "scholars" of the past. In that case about anything can be justified. Because there were many "scholars" with dumb views. Also there is the Qisas law. It's what extremists use to justify all this. Honestly I've stopped...
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    Video ISIS burns Jordanian pilot alive (GRAPHIC!!)

    I'm not going to watch the video because I feel sick even thinking about it. Oh Allah please help us and destroy those filth. Jordan executed its own ISIS prisoners. I hope they execute more of those filth.
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    News Women-only mosque opens in Los Angeles.

    With all due respect sister, that is only for worldly matters. In religious matters, everything is forbidden unless it is allowed. At least that is what I learned. But in my opinion opening female mosques (or female facilities) is not an innovation in religion. It is a worldly innovation that...
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    News Women-only mosque opens in Los Angeles.

    It's allowed for women to lead prayer of women according to Hanafis, Shafis, and Hanbalis. Hanafis view it as disliked, but it's not haram. So yes there can be female Imams for females. The only problem is Juma. Women cannot lead Juma. But since that prayer is not required for women anyways...
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    News Women-only mosque opens in Los Angeles.

    Hmm. A very good idea. I've always wondered if women could lead women in prayer.
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    Mullah Omar is a fool and illiterate warlord, al-Baghdadi says

    HAHA. The state that these guys set up is bound to fall. When people with guns think they are God on Earth, they usually fail.