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    my husband is depressed

    Waaleikum salaam, May Allaah give your husband shifaa & give you patient. In this situation if it was me I will read rugyah before seeking psychrist, there is no harm doing rugyah, rugyah is good even to the person who is not sick. Before your husband start taking medicine which can become...
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    Why did the Pope quit.
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    'Islam is about real love, not just lust': The party girl who's embraced a new life as a Muslim conv
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    Who wants to be a Muslim Mr Tarrant? TV show host's daughter converts to Islam
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    Osborne brother's Muslim love match as he converts to Islam to marry Bangladeshi girl
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    Getting frustrated because I keep going back to listening to

    Some scholars they advice that if we can even avoid gnashed is much better, because when you listen nasheeds after sometimes a person becomes bored with thm and then he/she go to listen music, Allaahu Alaam
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    About 5,200 people in UK adopted faith last year alone[/B]
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    ''US control is diminishing, but it still thinks it owns the world''
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    Malik Obong'o, Obama step brother in White House

    Assalam Aleikum Warahmatullah :salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2:
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    Two Muslim brothers, one all-American success story

    Part 1 Part 2
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    POLYGAMY In Islam

    This is from one sister, which I think she is talking facts and make a lot of sense to me and good advice. ''I think a sister should answer for obvious reasons. I personally wouldnt like it if my husband married again as i think life is complicated enough already, and i wouldnt want to...
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    POLYGAMY In Islam

    Sister Aapa, all you have mentioned are logic and support polygamy. It is true that there many sisters can't find husband. For those husband who are married (I being one) and want to get second wife find difficult or almost impossible to have second wife. Because the majority of women they don't...
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    A "tourist" reads the Qur'an
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    Black prisoners converting to Islam in the UK