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    Studying Muslim Community in GB

    I completeted this questionairre before, hope it gets done so we can view the result
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    as salamu alaikum

    wassalam here is some cool stuff about muslims in czech republic Czechs Revert To Islam In Search For Spirituality Scientist From Czech Republic Converts To Islam The...
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    Asma ul Husna

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    Mohammed Obaid nasheed

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    Questions from a "Prospective Convert" 1.0

    welcome to the website! hope you enjoy your stay and get your questions answered
  6. M does it feel?

    Khalid Yasin's site is
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    Reuters: "Are you nuts?" A woman converts to Islam

    "Are you nuts?" A woman converts to Islam BREDA, Netherlands (Reuters) -...
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    good article Aborigines and Islam in australia

    A new faith for Kooris Finding direction … Anthony Mundine converted to Islam after his manager gave him a book about Malcolm X. More Aborigines are finding...
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    Nasheed how can you Deny

    New Nasheed Group: Nasheed: How can we Deny? L6c2JiaF_gU
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    Video Islam in Nederland (Netherlands!) Video about Revert Muslim women in Holland.

    brilliant video those who want to add it to their favourites on youtube, the same video is there xKu3celNKOE
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    Video Muslim converts in Venezuela

    This is a lady coming to Islam during a talk given outside the Shaykh Ibrahim al-Ibrahim Masjid in Caracas, Venezuela. The talk and the speech were given in Spanish, but basically what is happening is that the woman is saying the Shahadah in Spanish and in Arabic, and is then congratulated by...
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    Mishary Rashed alafasy new video

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    Is This Recitation Set Good?

    Sister you can check out Quran translations here: And find which one you like. The site has the most popular translations: Muhsin Khan, Yusuf Ali, Picthall, Shakir. Also you can listen to audio on the site. And its free
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    Yahoo / Google Alternative Possbile? is a muslim search engine
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    Salam !! From FRANCE !! a plan !

    brilliant project!