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  • oh man! you don't reply fast,:girl3:anyways i ve got to go my mom's yelling at me for sitting with the laptop again :SMILY26:so ma3assalama habeebti:hearts::SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:
    Heck!!! why do people call me cute!! Sister saba also says to me.." Oh, you are so cute!"...... And I simply fail to understandd how a person like ME can be so "cute"???!!
    Wow! MashaAllah you have a very nice name Alhamdulillah. One of my favourite names. My name is Zainab. JazakAllah sister for sharing.

    Oh and InshaAllah I will keep revising. Thanks for the advice. No, I don't really hate exams... although I simply find it hard to concentrate sometimes. InshaAllah I will make dua for you... this time by calling your real name!!

    May Allah bless you always sister.
    Wa alikumus Salam.

    hahaha!! Don't worry about the delayed answer..You know how addictive TTI is!! A person can't byoucot himself from it... at least I can't :)

    Oh you having exams too?? What a coincidence!!
    And lolz! yeah I thought you would be about 24! So silly I am! turning a young lady into an old lady..!!! Hehe!

    Ameen to your dua sister. may Allah give us Istakamat in our lives.
    Oh and..... mind if I know your name?? its just that whenever I make a dua.. I say your name as "muslimah16"!!! It does feel odd!!
    Anyways, I am going to turn 15 soon too.... and my feelings are exactly like yours!! excited and scared.

    okies now i gotta rush to speed, velocity and the imaginary world of physics!
    Assalamu alaikum dearest sister!!:hearts:

    How are you doing?? Hope you and your family is in the best state of health and imaan.
    i got the biggest shock, a couple of days ago when i found out that you are 16!! lol!! I always thought that you might be 24 or something!! Anyways this is great news..... it means that i m only about 2 years younger than you!! Now that I know that you are not that *big* I can be really frank with you :)... just kidding!!

    ok baji, now i gotta go.... Please do remember me in your prayers. My exams are really close now and I have been banned from the computer...:shymuslima1: and that means no tti for the next weeks... NOoOOOOOO!!! IAnyways,, I am gonna really miss talking to you .. Hope you miss me too!!
    So this goodbye for now...( *weeps*)
    Oh, by the way... Happy Birthday!! whenever it is..(you said it was close!):girl3:
    hope inshallah u will be doing fine and blooming like a little rose.
    so cute lady how are u doing?
    i am really sorry for my late reply.i was busy.
    i am not gonna repeat my replying late to ur msgs inshallah cos it will upset my cute lil sister.happy?
    that nasheed was so beautiful and i downloaded it to my computer.
    yep sister i didnt receive ur pm.
    but dont worry i receive ur enormous love .
    keep ur sister in duas.

    oh in that case of course you cant play with him i thought he might be as old as my sis .

    anyway yesterday was good alhamdlillah and today is a new day i hope its gonna be good .

    have a nice day sis .
    oh now i understand sis:lol:
    always get annoyed by my 7 year old sis
    but to be fair sometimes its really fun to have her around and play with her hope the same for you with your lil bro.
    or may be he is older than that so in this case you cant play with him .
    anyway my baby sis has her wonderful toys that i actually love to share her playing however i think i am old for that

    love you sis:hearts:
    yeah, enjoy yourself with ur cousins!!!!
    gonna stay awake all night????
    lol thats what i do when cousins or sisters come to stay!!!
    fee amaan ILLAH
    As Salaam,
    hahaha surely we'll go together but remind me to take along the first aid
    well anywayz sis, hope all's well with you alwayz!
    May ALLAH increase ur self-confidence and i pray and hope that everybody respects you alwayzzz....u seem to b a sweet people better b gud with our sis okkkk......
    have an extraordinarily nice day!!!
    i didnt understand exactly what you wrote but anyway hope you are ok and i hope you are doing fine in your study .
    Hola sis
    it means hello in Spanish in case you asked about the meaning:biggrin:
    well my day is good so far
    but i am not allowed to drink tea or coffee which i love most :frown:
    anyway i should follow the doctors instructions :angryblue:.
    have a very nice day sis
    yeah actually love to do exciting + mischievious thrills me
    ok lets go and climb Mt. Everest :biggrin:
    but yes when i feel like doing somthng exciting i play with my little niece and less and trouble them more:D but the problem is they dont get troubled they laugh:eek:
    anyways try's fun....
    salaam alaikom dear sister
    well i had to go to the doctor to make sure that everything is ok and told me that there is nothing to worry about alhamdulillah all i need right now is to eat more fresh vegetables and fruit and honey (which i dont like:SMILY286: )
    i guess i need to eat a little more but in a healthier way .
    thank you so much for asking and sorry for making you worried
    love :hearts::salam2:
    yeah sis....u r sooo right. its sooo unfortunate and sad wat we see happening in other places. we should all be really thankful to ALLAH for even the smallest of blessings and pray for the people suffering....
    May ALLAH be withthem always....
    hmm havent beeen doing anything interesting recently....though woul lov 2 do somthing exciting in the near future hehehe
    take care...
    salam sis, I;m doing great insha Allah.I was did not visit tti for 4 days and am not visiting often now,cox my studies started and its swallowing all my time.guh,
    anyways hope you are doing great inshaAllah,and thanx for dropping by.:D:hearts:
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