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  • thank you dear sister
    well i think i should go to a doctor but thats if it gets worse Allah forbid
    anyway wish you all the best
    take care dear sister and keep in touch
    salaam alaikom
    you know i dont like doctors they dont make it easy for you
    may be they will convience me that i am sick while i am not
    preety weird i know but i dont know what to do
    any advice dear sister ?
    Salaam Alaikum Wa RahmatULLAHI Wa Barakatuh
    hope u r gooodd sis....
    and really needed the prayer AMEEN and the same dua 4 u too sis.
    so hwz life ? hope all gud happening with u, me and every1 else:hearts:
    take care..
    keep in touch...
    salaam alaikom dear sister
    thank you so much for asking .
    well i dont feel very well these days because i am actually losing wieght in a very remarkable way that everyone around me noticed it which makes me so worried .
    i dont even want to go to see a doctor .
    but i think its gonna be fine inshAllah i am actually one of those who dont like to eat i guess this is the reason .
    anyway hope you are ok and let me hear from you sister .
    take care salaam alaikom dear sister:):hearts:
    Wa alaikum as Salaam si,
    no way....i would consider myself demented if i mind:SMILY149:
    in fact i was pleased.....
    hope u r fine and in gud gud is the biggest ni'mat... so have a nice day and take very good care of urself and everyone around:)
    Salam alikom big sis! haha,
    I'm, alhamdulilah, fine, how about you?
    Thank you for asking :)
    Inshallah you're coping well?
    take care, w/salam
    Everything else is going fine sister. JazakAllah Khair for asking.
    Yup! I am still gonna have my exams. there are going to end on 23rd of April. Oh God!!!
    Hope you are doing great.
    sister where are you ?
    well apparently you arent online .
    how intelligent i am dont you think :biggrin:see i know it by myself:SMILY288:
    no seriously how are you dear sister ?
    hope everything is ok .
    take care dear sister :hearts:
    salaaaaaaaaaaam sis
    how are u
    alhamdulilah am doin okeeeey...i guess...
    anywayzzz hop u doin goood
    take care
    Assalam-o-alailum Baji jaan!

    So sorry for the late reply.. actually my final papers are about to start so i am busy preparing for them.
    Aap ka kya hal hei. Umeed hei kheyriat se hon gi..:)
    May Allah bless you.
    Allah hafiz
    ahlamdulillah i am live and kicking!!
    loll. i m
    missed you too, its great to be posting away!!
    salaam alaikom
    see its back yay:jumpclap::wavyarms::laughing-dancing: !!!
    well keep in touch dear sister
    i missed your vistor msg so much
    hope to see from you soon
    take care my beloved sister :hearts:
    sister where are you
    i miss you soooooooooooooooooooooo much
    hope you are ok
    let me hear from you sister
    i love you for the sake of Allah
    Assalam-o-alaikum sister!

    Good to know that you are okay. I am Alhamdulillah doing great too.
    Just tensed because I have this very tough paper of Islamic studies.... Ya Allah Madad!!
    Fee Imaan illah
    Assalam-o-alaikum sister!

    Just dropped in here to ask you about your health.
    Hope you are doing fine bari Baji.. :)
    Aap ki chotti behan.
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