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  • dear sister you neednt worry i am getting better alhamdulillah
    thanks for your kind visits it makes me smile really
    thank you so much my dear sister
    wa alikumus Salam!

    Phew!!.. Thats a sigh of relief!!
    MashaAllah...Allah ka shukar hei aap ke haan sab kuch theek ja raha hei!! Allah kare aeinda bhi kheyriat rahe!

    My studies are going good Alhamdulillah. It's 12;41 am here and I have a chutti tomorrow but I have soooooooooooo much to do that i fear .... ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT!
    well sister i have a bad flu the weather is terrible these days and i am taking alot of medication so i am getting better pray for me its really hard to work while i am having a flu you know what it looks like when yo have a flu:frown:

    Share your disgust towards tests sister!! They SUCK!! lolz!
    My life is going good Alhamdulillah. You must think me very selfish as I have never asked you about your life. So sorry Baji!
    So, tell me how is YOUR life going?
    Salam sis i will remember you all in my dua's but they are far from pious but inshallah may Allah make you and i and all of us from among the pious followers Ameen

    Wa salam *!*!*!
    Acha ji!!...Aap ko Urdu aati hei!!...hmm...ab to mein aap ka imtihan loon gi zaroor!
    Aapna khial rakhiye ga.
    sister it will be great if you come to Egypt you will see alot of beautiful things in here
    so welcome to Egypt anytime and i will be waiting for you inshAllah
    salam sister!

    Aww really??! You hate science?!! hahha... a lot of people do. But I don't hate it ... actually I am realll fond of it. I jut hate giving exams because I have to spend many sleepless nights!!
    Er... ou used the words " ek Dum" ... Do you understand Urdu??
    May Allah bless you.
    All the best.
    JazakiAllahu khair sister for remembering me....may u always Remeber Allah as u remebered me..ameen
    hw r u doin sis?
    take care
    Salam sister thanks for that nice reminder i thought i would also remind you ONE greater loves you .........................................................................................................................
    ALLAH (just remember that) ;)
    salaam alaikom
    thats too much for me Jazaki Allahu khyran for your nice words
    thats really kind of you to say this
    may Allah make always smile as you made me
    salaam alaikom sister
    i am fine alhamdulliah hope your fine too.
    i am so happy to see your message and more happier to be friend of yours
    take care salaam
    Yes sister I did intend to say JazakAllah... but forgot somehow!! Too bad!
    Hope you enjoy a nice weekend after the long hectic week. Think I will just sleep and prepare for " Physics". The gravity and machines and a thousand theories are waiting for me!!
    Err... yeah i am fourteen but InshaAllah will be 15 this may.
    Fe Imaan illah
    Wa alaikumus Salam sister!

    I am fine by the Grace of Allah Almighty. Thank you for remembering me :) Really appreciate that sister.

    How are you?? Hope everything is well at your side as well! Hmm.... I am thinking very hard right now.... did you send me a friend request today or maybe tomorrow?? I remember that somebody had sent me one and I forgot to thank her. If its you sister then THANKS alot.
    Sorry for my crazy talk.. actually i am preparing for my paper and you see.... I have finally CRACKED!!
    Take care dear sister! Hope to hear from you soon.
    May Allah Bless you.
    your sister zainab.
    asalaamu aleykum
    may Allah make things easy for u sis
    inshaAllah i will make dua's for u and the entire muslims inshaAllah
    wa aleykum salaam sis Asmaa im good Alhamdulillah. hoe about u sis how've u been?
    inshaAllah i will remeber all my muslim brothers and sisters in my Dua's.
    take care too Dear sister
    love u fi sabilillah
    wa salaam
    walaikumu salam wr wb
    just stoppby to say Salam
    hop u doin great...
    Asalamu alaykum sis thanks for the message lol iam live but not kicking hope your fine inshallah xx
    wa salam
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