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    Eid mubaraak :)

    Eid mubaraak :)
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    Jazakallah khair brother :)
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    Salam alaykum :) Jazakallah khair Brother It really helped
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    Salam alaikum :) Was quran revealed in the night of qadr once i mean completely? if it was sent completely how did our prophet recieve the whole quran in 23 years? i need the answer urgent please for today wassalam
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    Sunnah The Sunnahs of Friday

    Jazakallah khair for sharing Sister 9. Recite Durood upon me in abundance on the day of Jumua’h since they are presented to me.” (Ibne Majah) i didnt understand can you explain it a little clearer plz :)
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    Alaikum Salam sister Welcome to TTI:)
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    Good or evil?

    Salam aliakum :) Good and evil are concepts which people talk and think about the most throughout their lives. Some people endeavor “to be a good person” and “to protect himself and his loved ones from bad people and behavior.” This effort shown to avoid evil is, of course, very important...
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    Diseases are a part of our test

    What is the reason behind the diseases? Diseases are one of those things in our lives reminding us of how weak we truly are. Our perfectly protected bodies can be severely impaired by a tiny bacteria or a virus that is invisible to naked eye. Actually a little thinking will make us understand...
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    Sin and repentance

    Salam alikum :) One of the reasons for people's detachment from the morality of the religion is that they consider themselves unforgivable out of the deep distress they feel because of the sins they have committed. Satan attempts repeatedly to instil such groundless thoughts in human beings. To...
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    live from morocco

    wa alaykum salam Sister :) welcome back and ramadan mubarak :)
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    Brothers Hello you all

    - For now, you can start with these 2 lessons to teach you a simple or an alternative form of prayer: : : - By time, you need to learn the original form of prayer. You can find it on this video: ...
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    Brothers Hello you all

    Salam alaikum :) you will learn here reciting while praying in arabic and much more I hope it helps :)
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    Video Be a Princess in Jannah

    Salam alaikum Sister :) Thanks it was really beautifull
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    Brothers Hello you all

    Inshallah brother