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    Covert Christianity

    :salam2: Dear brother Frank, I wanted to let you know that you're in my Dua's inshAllah. May Allah (swt) help you and ease your pain. thanks for sharing with us your experiences and concerns. I'm proud to have a muslim brother like you.
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    Why many muslims prefer housewife?

    :salam2: Some people complain about the ban on female drives by Saudi goverment. Every country has its own laws, Saudiya chose this one. How many of these same people complaining of the ban about driving, but keep quiet about French and other coutries ban on hijab's in schools...
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    to my history teacher, re: Islam spread by the sword

    :salam2: I agree. Any intelligent person should be able to put side by side the fact that the West is very liberal and that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West through a great number of people converting. Is this too done by the sword? For every man converting to Islam...
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    to my history teacher, re: Islam spread by the sword

    :salam2: Where I'm from the Mongols and Persian pagans and others came to concur our land, our ancestors fought them to death and did not let them take our lands. Then when Muslim army came they did not fight us. They settle in the area and taught us Islam. Alhumdulillah (Praise to God)...
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    I am very interested in learning about Islam

    Welcome to the site Frank, I hope you find your stay both enjoyable and educational. I would like you to visit you may find a number of great articles in different languages on that site. They also have online live help function. Visit it, you'll like it.
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    What does Slave of Allah mean?

    True Muslim = Servant of God If you think about it, people are slaves(or servants) of something or someone. They are slaves of their desires (materialistic, sexual, etc) or slaves of other people by worshiping their significant others or movie, music starts and in many cases become servants...
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    Dagestan- Miracle Baby Boy

    another video. The boy is under LOTS of attention everyday. -p-Y53AYcbk
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    Wahidi: Israeli soldiers buried Palestinians alive during the war on Gaza

    :salam2: One day everything will be revealed and everyone will know the truth. That day is closer everyday.
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    An Arrest at my university

    same at my place. May Allah (swt) reward them.
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    An Arrest at my university

    May Allah (swt) help common people of Pakistan. I also think the poverty and lack of proper islamic education leads to suicide bombing of markets and innocent people in many nations. That's why we have to do a better job of teaching true Islam to muslims and non-muslims. So muslims know...
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    An Arrest at my university

    The Teacher, if you have not noticed NO ONE here supports those suicide bombers blowing up and killing innocent people. Don't make assumptions. It seems you're acting on your emotions without trying to undestand that Muslims support neither killing nor beating of innocent people by muslims and...
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    An Arrest at my university

    I agree with you! it is not Islam. Two things: that video did not had any proofs of those old men being responsible for suicides. So we don't know. And in custody they were unarmed and harmless. another thing, even if they were responsible, bring them to justice with proper procedures...
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    An Arrest at my university

    waaleikum salam maybe people are more sensative when abuse comes from "muslims"?
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    An Arrest at my university

    my apologies fixed