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  • i will do the same, good luck on your exmas, btw how old are you? im 17, and its my last yr in high school :)
    Alhamdullikah im doing fine, i have exams next week and i need to get 100 percent to fix up my error due to rushing and what not, plus i have to beat thoughs kafirs who wish bad for me. PLease pray for me brother :)
    Wa'alykum as salam brother,
    Alhamdulillah I'm doing good how about u?
    Yeah Insha-Allah I'm taking flight this Saturday & will be there in UAE by 12:15 Local.
    Please do remember me in your precious du'as as I'm going in search of a job.
    Wa'alykum as salam,
    Just go to your profile brother and on the top left you'll fine option "EDIT YOUR PROFILE",
    then new page will appear and in that page just look for "Custom User Title" and just change it and click on "Save Changes". :)
    oh my dear brother "+" means he is in your friends list.
    If you have added sumbody and he/she accepted your friends request then it shows + besides there name when they are online.
    hmm, well I see "+" next to your name:) I guess then I do not know the meaning, so see with Mabsoot:)
    heheeh no brother, all of us who are "green" are admins including me. Mabsoot is the owner of this site, that is why he has "+" and some other admins too. For you to get "+" you have to become admin first, I think;)

    Assalamu Alaykum
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